August’s Professor of the Month 2017 | Richard Pratt

Hi Aggies! Happy September. Can you believe August is already over? Neither can we! That is why we are featuring our professor of the month today! Check out some cool facts about him below!! 

Hi Everone. My name is Richard Pratt. I have been at NMSU since 2011, following a 23 year academic career at OSU (Ohio State University). I grew up in a military family and we lived in Northern California, Germany, Michigan, and Arizona. So, I am from all over.  Everybody liked Arizona so my parents retired in Tucson. My main field of study is maize (corn) breeding and genetics. I also did a lot of work in international agriculture while I was at OSU. I started doing cropping systems research at NMSU in 2012.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy our patio and garden plants and have started a small pomegranate orchard using water harvesting (terracing) techniques. Exploring New Mexico and traveling to more distant destinations when possible. We have really enjoyed visiting wine country in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia during the last few years. I did a lot of school volunteer work when our daughter was in school. I am now more involved with facilitating opportunities for students to do community service in HON 321V – Agriculture in an Interconnected World. I also enjoy reading. I have especially enjoyed reading books that capture the spirit of New Mexico and its rich history – Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather is a favorite. 


Selfie of Dr. Pratt

Photo of Dr. Pratt with a tomato from his garden

Photo of Dr. Pratt with a tomato from his garden

More fun facts:

  • Favorite Quote

“The moment of twilight is simply beautiful.” (John Glenn)                   

  • What is one thing you would improve about the Honors College?

It is the people who make the place. I appreciate it so much just the way it is!


  • What is your favorite place to travel to?

My next stop.

  • What advice would you give to students preparing for their future?

If they are indeed preparing, they are doing the right thing. So keep it up!

I heard the quote (attributed to Louis Pasteur) that “luck favors a prepared mind.”

Apparently it is derived from the actual quote “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.”

  • Why would you recommend the Honors program to other students?

           Because you can explore unique subject areas that interest you!

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