Past Winners

2017 Top Award Winner

Clara Hansen
2017 Honors College Scholar

Clara Hansen (Biology major) talks about her experiences studying bird communication in Uruguay made possible by the Honors College and Aggies Go Global Scholarships, as well as support from Dr. Gary Lowe. 

Other 2017 Honors College Scholars


Sydney Salas

Sicilee Macklin


Past Winners

Jessica Croom
2016 Honors College Scholar

Jessica Croom scenic portrait

“I used the Honors College Scholarship for International Research to study gentrification in three Canadian cities. I attended city meetings and conducted interviews with local government officials, professors, planners, activists, and city committee members about their ideas and perceptions related to urban renewal. My time in Canada taught me a great deal about the complexities of urban planning, and I gained a newfound respect for the struggles that many residents face as a result of this process. It was a fantastic learning experience.”

Honorable Mention Awards

Arielle Gonzales

Arielle Gonzales and flight crew

“This project involved discovering how communication barriers affect patient care in the emergency medical environment. During the initial phases of this project, I volunteered as a member of a linguistically diverse critical care helicopter transport team that operates in Haiti and is based out of Port-au-Prince. We flew missions where communications were written or spoken in English, French, Haitian, Spanish, and Urdu. In addition to the linguistic diversity, we also encountered communication barriers of a medical and traumatic nature; greater than half of the patients we encountered had some degree of speech derangement as a result of clinical progression of symptoms. As a working paramedic and undergraduate student, this experience has impacted my academic and professional life by helping me draw clear connections between my current course of study at New Mexico State University (Department of Language and Linguistics) and the benefits of universal communication tactics in healthcare.”

Anastasia Hale

Anastasia Hale in Greece


“The funding I received from the Honor’s College allowed me to spend my summer volunteering in a Syrian refugee camp in Greece. My goal was to learn about the function of international NGOs and the application of social work training to humanitarian aid work. I worked in child protection, which gave me the opportunity to identify safety concerns in the camp and provide appropriate referrals to outside resources. I collaborated with my organization leaders to come up with trainings for new volunteers to increase child safety. Additionally, I created protocols for the media to use when interacting with children using the Child Protection Minimum Standards. This trip gave me an invaluable chance to learn about the humanitarian aid sector firsthand, and I was able to apply many of the skills I have been learning in the social work program. I was given the chance to interact with a truly incredible community of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, and I am humbled by my experience.”


2015 Honors College Scholar

Kira Turnham


Kira Turnham

“Last summer I received the Honors College Scholarship for International Research. I
traveled to the Philippines to study bobtail squid. I worked at five different research sites.
I met and exchanged ideas with researchers from diverse backgrounds. I was immersed
in an entirely different culture and research environment. I will always be grateful to the
donors who made this life-changing opportunity possible for me.”

Kira with squid

Kira traveled to the Philippines to study bobtail squid living off the coast.

Kira with rocks



Past Honors College Scholars
Year Name Country
2016 Jessica Croom (Geography) Canada
2015 Kira Turnham (Biology) Philippines
2014 Upile Chisala (Women’s Studies) Malawi
2013 Kobi Weaver (Anthropology) Belize
2012 Ashley Remy (Anthropology) Peru
2011 Zach Brecheisen (Biology, Anthropology, Creative Writing) Indonesia
2010 Owen Cortner (Environmental Sciences) Czech Republic
2010 Karen Trujillo (Creative Writing) Rwanda
2009 Owen Boberg (Physics) Chile
2008 Kellie Jurado (Biology) Germany
2007 Sandra Gutierrez (Criminal Justice) Mexico
2006 Marcia Mundt (Government / Communications) Bolivia
2005 Clare Carrasco (Honors College / Music Performance) United Kingdom