Music in Flight

The New Frontiers Institute, the Honors College,
and the Department of Music present:

“Music in Flight: WWII European Refugee Musicians in Latin America, 1933-1945”

Atkinson Recital Hall

April 22, 2013, 7:30pm
Free and Open to the Public

Featuring members of the La Catrina String Quartet,
Laura Spitzer, Lisa Van Winkle, Fred Bugbee,
and John Carlo Pierce
With Dr. Andrea Orzoff, Department of History


The New Frontiers Institute, the Honors College, and the Department of Music proudly present a lecture-recital that will introduce a series of untold musical stories: those of European musicians who fled the Nazis and settled in Latin America. There, they helped create national orchestras and conservatories. They brought lesser-known Latin American composers’ work onto concert stages, and reinvented local musical traditions for the modern classical repertoire. Their stories provide a glimpse at some of the ways in which immigrants can enrich cultures and be enriched by the cultures they become part of. They are stories of international politics, transnational cultural networks, urban and musical culture, and the redefinition of European identity in the New World.

Dr. Andrea Orzoff, senior fellow at NMSU’s New Frontiers Institute and Associate Professor of History, will spin these musicians’ tales; faculty and students from NMSU’s Music Department will play the music. Among the artists onstage will be members of the Grammy-winning La Catrina String Quartet, as well as professors Laura Spitzer, Lisa Van Winkle, and Fred Bugbee. Music by composers Guillermo Graetzer, Alberto Ginastera, Rodolfo Halffter, and others, along with Theodoro Valcárcel’s “Tahwa Inka’j Tak’y-nam (Four Incan Songs),” sung by John Carlo Pierce, tenor.

Please join us and learn about a very different kind of “world music”!

For information call 646-2005 .

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