December’s Professor of the Month


Hello Aggies,

Your professor of the month for December is.. Manal Hamzeh. She will be teaching a course for us in the spring called Revolutionary Women. To learn a little bit about our Professor of the Month, keep reading.

Manal Hamzeh photograph

I am an associate professor in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies/Women’s Studies Program and I have been teaching at NMSU since 2007. I hold a Ph.D. in Social Justice Education and two Master’s degrees one in Educational Audiology and one in Special Education.   

My research draws on anti-racist/decolonizing educational and arab-muslim feminist theories. Currently, my research is focusing on Egyptian women’s resistance to state violence since the January 25th Egyptian Revolution. One of the outcomes of this project will be a bi-lingual documentary graphic digital novel, Hend Nafea: A Revolutionary Egyptian Woman. It is a collaboration with Hend herself, a Palestinian artist working out of Spain and FrontLineDefenders.

I grew up in a progressive and politically engaged family in Jordan, where I was born and raised the first 17 years of my life. Beside my academic work, I enjoy learning classical Arabic music using the string instrument of qanun. I am also a dedicated yogi.

Given that I read a lot of fiction especially Arabic, The Woman of Tantoourah (2010) by Egyptian feminist Radwa Ashour, is one of my favorite books. 

My favorite place to visit is Palestine. 

I advise students preparing for post-graduation to maintain relationships with a number of mentors in their lives and to stay informed by accessing alternative non-corporate media sources.

I recommend the Honors College to many of the engaged students in my classes because it opens for them opportunities where they learn from the best of the best NMSU faculty and they get guidance on scholarships applications. They also get a chance to do rigorous academic research by writing an honor’s thesis.


 For more information about me you can visit:

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