“A Blend of Time” Photos by Jamie Jaramillo


“I have lived my whole life in Las Cruces and I have always been interested in the history of this area. When I started attending New Mexico State University, I began to dive into the history behind the buildings and the people of NMSU. I discovered that this university is a history gold mine! After seeing a similar blended photo of a location in Europe, I thought that I could do the same for my own community. I realized that these old photos that stay the same forever can be merged with new pictures to create a “blend of time.” I wanted to use these blended photos to compare the past to the present. My hope is that people will grow to appreciate the history of their surroundings that we often take for granted and that they will enjoy these photos as much as I do.”   -Jamie Jaramillo



YMCA: 1916-2018

The William Conroy Honors Center was originally built January 9, 1907 as the campus Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) building. Since then, it has housed the music and ROTC programs. Today, it’s one of the oldest buildings on campus. With the changing landscape around it, this building has stood the test of time, with a few renovations, of course. 

Propelling Out of a Window: 1965-2018

This Cadet Sergeant practices propelling out of the window as part of the NMSU Counterguerilla Company, which taught students basic military training, and, as the yearbook states, was “center[ed] around guerilla warfare and ranger tactics” (NMSU, 1965).

“They Air Out Their Beds”: 1944-2018

In 1944 the Aggies didn’t even know if they would get to have a yearbook due to the war. This year, however, was mostly about the military activity that happened on campus. A military group called the Army Specialized Training Unit 3858 moved onto campus and apparently “took over” as they were in almost every hall, classes were scheduled around the military schedule, and the majority of the yearbook is about them. All in all, they took care of themselves, and in this picture, you can see that they dried out their beds in the sun.

Rhodes Hall: 1943-2018

Rhodes Hall, which was built as a women’s dorm on the NMSU campus in 1942. The surrounding buildings are Hamiel and Garrett, and all 3 of these buildings are still used as dorms today.

“Joint Air Force-Army Review, Cadets in Review”: 1959-2018

There isn’t very much information on the Joint Air Force-Army Review, but this picture is unique because we don’t usually see this kind of thing on the field anymore! You can also see Hadley Hall in the background, which was built in 1953 and houses the administrative and employee services.

National Honorary Engineering Fraternity: 1955-2018

In the second row, third from the right is Ed Foreman, who eventually became a member of the House of Representatives for Texas in 1963 and for New Mexico in 1969. The fraternity he was a part of is also known as Sigma Tau.

“International Relations Club”: 1945-2018

This picture was taken in 1945, the year the World War II was ending. These students stand on the steps of Foster Hall, which still stands today and remains an important building on campus for classes.


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