2017 University Honors Graduates


University Honors Recipients – Spring 2017


Viridiana Arellano

Major: Nursing & Fine Arts- French

Thesis: Compression Stockings & Relationship to Blood Clots

Advisor: Professor Cheryl Lombardi


Kristy Burchell

Major: Communication Disorders
Minor: Counseling and Educational Psychology
Thesis: Pause Duration and Supplemental Characteristics of Cochlear Implant Users’ Speech

Advisor: Dr. Heike Lehnert-LeHouiller


Katherine Deaven

Major: Philosophy & Mathematics
Minor: Political Theory
Thesis: Shortcomings in Shoemaker’s Defense: The Unresolved Korsgaard- Parfit Debate
Advisor: Dr. Jean-Paul Vesse


Alejandra Enriquez

Major: Biology
Minor: Biochemestry
Thesis: Monitoring the Effects if Temperature on Strains of Vibrio Fisheri from Different Geographic Locations
Advisor: Dr.Michele Nishiguchi


Jaqueline Figueroa

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Chemistry
Thesis: Don’t Breath if You Want to Live: Activation of Nuroprotective Mechanisms in the Trichoplusia ni.Model
Advisor: Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez


Olivia Gonzales

Major: Psychology
Minor: Counseling and Education Psychology & Family and Child Science
Thesis: Graduate Research Seminar Paper


Erik Hoberg

Major: Arospace Engineering
Thesis: The Orbital Carrier Aircraft
Advisor: Dr. Terry W. Park


Alejandra Lerma

Major: Animal Science, Biology & Gender and Sexuality Studies
Minor: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Thesis: Intersecting Experiences of Women of Color and LGBTQ+ People in STEM
Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh & Ryan Ashley


Raven Lopez

Major: English
Thesis: The Transformation of Vampire in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat
Advisor: Dr. Tyson Stolte


Casey McKim

Major: English
Thesis: Carving Out a Niche: The Effects of Windsor and Obergefell
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Schirmer

Distinction in University Honors Recipients – Spring 2017


Morgan Anne Beasley

Major: Psychology
Thesis: Deconstructing the Sexual Double Standard in Relation to Violence Against Women
Advisor: Dr. Manal Hamzeh


Larisa Estrada

Major: Animal Science
Minor: Chemistry & Spanish
Thesis: Evaluation of Techniques to Determine Pregnancy in Ramboiullet Ewes
Advisor: Dr. Steven Stochaj


Jorge Garza

Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Physics
Thesis: Chemistry Substation
Advisor: Dr. Steven Stochaj


Stacey Marquez

Major: Communication Disorders
Minor: Spanish
Thesis: Urgency for Multicultural Resources to Treat Communication Disorders
Advisor: Dr. MIriam Chaiken


William Peck

Major: Industrial Engineering & Applied Mathematics
Minor: Physics
Thesis: Schedule Optimization at Apache Point
Advisor: Dr. Edward Pines


Michelle Silber

Major: Communication Disorders
Thesis: Reflections on Multicultural Competencies While Volunteering Internationally for Childern with Disabilities
Advisor: Dr Amelia Rau


Michelle Smith

Major: Secondary Education- Social Studies
Minor: Educational Psychology
Thesis: Connecting the Pieces: Combining Culturally Relevant/ Responsiveness and Standards
Advisor: Dr. Jeanette Haynes Writer


Ismael Torres

Major: Economics & Government
Minor: Political Theory
Thesis: Forward Guidance Philosophies: The Bank of Japan vs. Federal Reserve
Advisor: Dr. Miriam Chaiken