Recent University Honors Graduates

University Honors Recipients – Spring 2019



Elena Davidson (Conroy Scholar)

Major: Computer Science

Capstone: Honors Internship with YWiC and CAHSI



Jennifer Foster

Major: French and German

Minor: History

Capstone: French Capstone Course


Antonia Holguin

Majors: Government

               Law & Society

Minor: Gender & Sexuality Studies

Capstone: Feminist Research Methodologies Course


Victoria Perea

Major: Athletic Training

Capstone: Using Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization to Improve Musculoskeletal Function Following Injury

Advisor: Dr. Michael Gregory



Brittany Treadwell

Majors: Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

               Managerial Leadership

Minor: Marketing

Capstone: Strategic Management Course


Amanda Villalobos

Major: Digital Filmmaking

Minor: Teatre Arts

Capstone: Grief, and its Agonizing Stages (Film)

Advisor: Professor Julian Alexander


Distinction in University Honors Recipients – Spring 2019





Mariah Ballard

Major: Anthropology

Capstone: Graduate Research Seminar Paper

Advisor: Dr. Kelly Jenks


Tyler Bridges

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Capstone: Honors Capstone/Internship (Drone Engineering)

Advisor: Dr. Park


Carlos Campos

Major: Biology

Capstone: Biology 402 and Biology 450

Nicholas DeLovato

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Capstone: Thermal Distribution Analysis for Component Testing with Test Adapters


Daniel Estupinan

Major:  Business Administration in Finance

Minor:  Government

Internship: Congressional Hispanic Caucus Internship in the Office of Representative Xochitl Torres Small


Arielle Gonzales

Major: Language and Linguistics

Capstone:  Effective Communication in the Prehospital Environment



Naomi Iniguez-Smith

Major: Communication Disorders

Capstone: CEP 451 Coursework



Angela Kearns (Conroy Scholar)

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics

Capstone: Internship on Leveraging Robotic Process Automation to Simplify the Line Planning Process at Nike


Damin Kendrick

Major: Information and Communication Technology 

Internship: Fineos in Dublin, Ireland


Victoria Lovato

Major: History and Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish

Internship: Los Alamos National Laboratory Historical Preservation Lab


Sienna Mata (Conroy Scholar)

Major: Journalism

Minor: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Capstone: Data Journalism and Kokopelli

Advisor: Dr. Jana Williams


Clayton Miller

Major: Information Engineering Technology

Minor: Information Security

Capstone: Engineering Technology Capstone



Kimberly Pestovich

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minors: Materials Engineering



             Computational Engineering

Capstone: Engineering Capstone Chemical Plant Design


Maria Prado

Major: Finance

Minor: Banking

Internship: Rogal Freight LLC Internship

Advisor: Dr. John Shonk




Ian Rankin

Major: Electrical Engineering

Capstone: Coursework in EE363, EE490, CS 475, CS 478





Prisila Ramirez

Majors: Genetics & Biotechnology


Minor: Biochemistry

              Molecular Biology

Capstone: Counting R-loops: A Novel Quantification method for Nuclear DNA: RNA Hybrids


Shannon Rodriguez

Major: Philosophy

              Language and Linguistics

              Law and Society

Capstone: Federal Indian Land Policy and the Tribes of New Mexico

Advisor: Dr. Thaddieus Conner


Brian Evan Saunders

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

Capstone: Photon Doppler Velocimetry (PDV) – Scattered Reflected Ray Collection and Interpretation




Kathryn Skibitski

Major: Anthropology

Minor: Human Forensic Analysis

Capstone: Studied abroad course work in Brazil, Peru and Romania






Haley Stewart (Conroy Scholar)

Majors: Criminal Justice


Minor: Forensic Science


              Law & Society

Capstone: Federal Indian Land Policy and the Tribes of New Mexico

Advisor: Dr. Thaddieus Conner


Leah Stiff

Major: Psychology

Minor: Counseling

             Educational Psychology


Internship: TRIO Student Support Services Internship


Caitlin Janay Summers

Major: Psychology

Capstone: Graduate coursework CEP 520 and CEP 532





Cristal Tucker

Major: Social Work

Minor: Counseling and Educational Psychology

Internship: El Paso Probate Court

Advisor: Dr. Brenda Purcell


Madeleine Woodward

Major: Digital Filmmaking

             Creative Media Institute

Capstone: Screenplay for Cinema: The Piatigorsky Foundation

Advisor: Professor Amy Lanasa