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A Word from the Honors College Dean, Dr. Miriam Chaiken

If you are a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist, or a National Hispanic Merit semi-finalist, you are eligible to join the community of Conroy Scholars, our top students who receive full financial support for their studies at NMSU. As a Conroy Scholar, you will join the community of scholars in the Conroy Honors College, and be part of the close-knit circle of friends.

Students in the Honors College get to take some of their courses in small groups taught by the best professors from across campus – would you prefer to take Psychology 101 in a lecture hall with hundreds of students, or in a class of 20 in the Honors College taught by a professor who has won our most important award for excellence in teaching? The Honors College supports students as they navigate the often challenging freshman year, through exciting classes taught in our beautiful building, taught by the most engaging professors. We offer a great deal of support and mentoring, and a comfortable environment for them to study and work.  As you transition to more advanced courses in your major, we will ensure that you learn about the “Pathways to Honors” in your chosen academic field, so you can continue to receive the value-added experiences that education in the Honors College permits, and eventually graduate with University Honors.

As a student in the Honors College you will enjoy many other unique opportunities:

  • Honors College students have the option to live in the Honors Living Learning Community – a residence hall just for students who are serious about their studies and want to surround themselves with other students who share their priorities.
  • Students can use our study lounge or commons room, and our computer lab that are available only to students in the Honors College.
  • You can participate in one of several Honors Societies that are headquartered in the Honors College.
  • You will have priority registration for classes, can borrow books from the library for extended periods, and learn about special events on campus that are tailor made to enhance their academic and professional development.
  • You will receive invitations to join us for picnics, cultural events, field trips, sporting events, and other activities that are just fun to share with friends.
  • We will help you explore opportunities for getting prestigious fellowships and awards, such as the Rhodes, Fulbright, or Udall scholarships to support your work while studying at NMSU and beyond.

Choosing a college is a difficult, and very important decision. I think we can offer a really wonderful choice – you can choose from the hundreds of majors and disciplines available in our big university, but also be part of the caring community that constitutes our small college within NMSU.

If you have received a post card with an invitation to apply to be a Conroy Scholar, please use the link on this page to apply to join the community of Conroy Scholars, and we are happy to waive the application fee.

We’ll follow up after you apply with an invitation to join us in February for the Conroy Scholars Day, which will permit you to learn more about the campus. You’ll meet professors from your future major, learn about the generous financial aid package we will offer, tour the campus and residence hall, and get a chance to see first-hand that we are a caring community where you will thrive.

Please feel free to call me, email, or schedule a visit to campus. I would love to have a chance to talk with you about the opportunities we can offer at the William Conroy Honors College.

My best wishes,





Miriam S. Chaiken, Ph.D.
Dean, Conroy Honors College
phone 575-646-2005

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