Danielle Miyagishima: Bound for MD/PhD program

Crimson Scholar Danielle Miyagishima has an interview today at NYU’s Langone Medical Center!

DanieLANS_2012_headshot_252lle, a senior at NMSU, is currently interviewing for MD/PhD programs across the country.

Her initial motivations in medicine came from experiences when she was young.

“A family member had died from leukemia, but I didn’t think about (the medical field) too seriously until I experienced depression in early teen years,” Miyagishima said. “Since then I’ve wanted to explore how pharmaceutical drugs interacted with the body.”

When she came to NMSU, Danielle started work with the BRAiN program and is currently working with Dr. Jeffrey Arterburn through the MARC program.

“It became clear to me that I wanted to do research but still treat patients,” Miyagishima said.

Through this interview process, applicants are given the opportunity to meet and talk with past applicants, current students, and professors in the program while also discovering whether the motivations for the school’s medical and PhD programs work with their desired research interests.

“Most programs interview less than ten percent of applicants, and then about half actually get in,” Miyagishima said. “These programs pay tuition and also give a stipend for MD/PhD degrees. It’s the main way to go, with academic medicine and also seeing patience 20 to 30 percent of the time.”

Some of the schools she is interviewing at include Stanford, Washington University at St. Louis, Northwestern, Yale, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, and Indiana University. Danielle also had an interview at Mayo Medical School on September 19th.


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