Danielle Miyagishima Tours MD-PhD programs

Crimson Scholar Danielle Miyagishima continues her interview process, sharing her experiences at Washington University in St. Louis and Cornell University’s Tri-Institutional MD-PhD program.washington-university-in-st-louis_200x200

“I chose to apply to Washington University because of the great reputation of the institution and the value that is placed on their MD-PhD program. They have one of the largest programs in the nation and that means that a large portion of time and energy is spent on ensuring the program is successful,” Danielle said. “Most of all, they have a very large amount of faculty that I would be interested in working on, particularly in the realm of brain cancer.”

The decision to apply to Cornell came from Danielle’s experience at the 2012 Gateways to the Laboratory summer program, hosted at Cornell University.

“The summer program is designed to introduce students to the career path for MD-PhD and is run through Cornell’s MD-PhD program. It is a top 20 medical school. I chose to apply here because the school made such a great impression with me when I did my internship and the program cares a lot about its students,” Danielle said. “In addition, this program is unique in that it is attached to two other institutions: The Rockefeller University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Students in the MD-PhD program get the opportunity to select faculty to do their PhD at any of the three institutions (including Cornell) and receive medical education by Cornell, so it is a great place for anyone interested in cancer, such as myself.”

Cornell’s biomedical graduate school and medical school is located in the heart of Manhattan, giving students the opportunity to learn in New York City.

Next up for Danielle: Interviews with Indiana University, Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and Case Western Reserve’s School of Medicine.

Good luck Danielle!

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