Featured Student: Shannon Rodriguez


This summer, many of our honors students had the opportunity to work with professionals in the field that they are hoping to one day work in. Throughout the Fall, we will have features from these students to showcase the work and experience they have acquired. Today, we feature Shannon Rodriguez who spent her summer in Capitol Hill interning under Senator Martin Heinrich.


This summer was an exciting moment to be an intern in Capitol Hill. Since it is an election year there is always something going on in the offices, but also because there is plenty of controversial legislation being introduced. As a congressional intern, your tasks vary from office to office. You get to learn firsthand how the legislative process takes place, from being drafted, introduced and finally voted on. This summer I got to write memos, draft letters of response to constituents, sort constituent mail and answer questions from constituents in New Mexico. I learned a lot of how government works at a national level, but I also got to learn more about the issues that directly affect our state.

-Shannon Rodriguez



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