February’s Featured Professor

Lori Keleher, Assistant Professor – Department of Philosophy

“The future is now. Start doing what you want to do now.”Keleher
I started teaching Philosophy at NMSU in the spring of 2008, but I was a student at NMSU in the 1990s. I am from Albuquerque, NM and teach Honors 227, which is a course on Plato. I love to travel and to do sports: hiking, scuba diving, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, kayaking, etc. I also love to read outside my field and play with children. As a mom with young kids (6 and 4) I have done a lot more of the last thing and not so much of the others in recent years. I am lucky that I have seen a lot of places on my wish list, but I would like to go back to Sub Sahara Africa because it has a wild beauty and rich culture I find inspiring. My favorite quotes are so very many things Plato wrote, including this: “… my greatest pleasure comes from philosophical conversation, even if I am only a listener, whether or not I think it will be to my advantage. All other talk, especially the talk of rich businessmen like you, bores me to tears, and I’m sorry for you and your friends because you think your affairs are important when really they’re totally trivial. Perhaps, in your turn you think I am a failure, and, believe me, I think what you say is true. But as for all of you, I don’t just think you are failures — I know it for a fact.” – Symposium 173d

Teaching Plato is just so much fun, and the Honors College lets me do it for a whole semester. I also love that they have smaller classes of great students where I can actually learn all my students names and try to tailor the material to their interests and abilities. I would let students know that the future is now. Start doing what you want to do now.

I would recommend the Honors College because the courses are interesting, the class size is smaller so you can get your professor’s attention, and the students are motivated, so you are less likely to have distractions from classmates. Plus, it is the only place to get an entire semester on Plato.


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