February’s Student of the Month

This Secondary Education major, Jose Luis Solorzano, plans on specializing in English or Theater. Las Cruces, New Mexico is where he calls home and this is his first year at NMSU. When he is not busy with school, he enjoys video games such as “The Kingdom Hearts Saga,” usually on the PlayStation 2. He i…s also into movies, books, and is a Press Play and Skillet 5 fanatic! His favorite book, like many others, is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling. He quotes “The way she concluded her saga just seemed so right, but it was still very surprising.” When asked what his favorite thing about the Honors College was he responded by saying he enjoyed all of the e-mails about special events and scholarships! He enjoys staying in the loop and being informed of what is going on! He would like to advise future students to, “First off, don’t sweat all the little things. Also, do something that you are passionate to do, don’t let anyone have any influence over you. This is your life after all, and you might as well enjoy it.” He recommends the Honors Program to students because he believes it gives one a sense of pride and motivation to strive for excellence!

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