The Honors Faculty Council is a faculty advisory council composed of the Dean of the Honors College (who serves as ex officio chair), the Associate Dean of the Honors College, one faculty member from each of the academic colleges, and one member from the library faculty (all to be appointed by the Provost with the advice of the relevant Deans). Members serve terms of three years and may be reappointed for one term.

The council meets twice per year and makes recommendations to the Dean on matters relating to college policy and helps promote awareness of the Honors College.

Current membership:

Paco Antonio

     Kinesiology and Dance

Judith Flores Carmona

     Curriculum & Instruction

Anne Hubbell

     Communication Studies

Michael Johnson


Tim Ketelaar


Yu-Feng Winnie Lee


Elivra Masson

     History & Confucius Institute

Martha Mitchell

     Chemical Engineering

Ernesto Morales

     Public Health

Stuart Munson McGee

     Food Science & Technology

Richard Pratt

     Plant and Environmental Science

Elba Serrano


Christa Slaton