Sundt Professorship

The M. Eugene Sundt Professorship in the Honors College has two aims: (1) to support the development of exceptional and innovative teaching ideas; and (2) to foster unique, experience-based classes in the Honors College and the curriculum at large.  The professorship has two components:  the Sundt Honors Professorship and the Sundt Honors Seminar.

The Sundt Honors Professorship is awarded biennially by a selection committee appointed by the Dean of the Honors College.  Sundt Honors Professors hold the professorship for two academic years.  During the first year of appointment, Sundt Honors Professors are provided with a salary increment of $5,000 and a budget of approximately $10,000 to develop, plan, and finance a Sundt Honors Seminar to be taught in the Spring semester of the award year.  During the second year of appointment, the recipient continues to hold the title of Sundt Honors Professor (without additional salary) and may, at his/her option, teach a Sundt Honors Seminar in the Spring semester, with partial support from the endowment. All full-time, tenured NMSU faculty are eligible to apply.

The Sundt Honors Professor is chosen from proposals submitted by applicants in the spring semester prior to the award year.  Proposals must include the following:

  1. A letter of application that includes:
    a)   a statement explaining why the applicant is interested in being named the Sundt Honors Professor;
    b)   evidence of a commitment to engaging and interacting with students in an active teaching mode;
    c)   a brief description (one or two sentences) of the Sundt Honors Seminar being proposed.
  2. A list of courses taught, including Honors courses if applicable.
  3. A curriculum vitae (maximum 5 pages).
  4. A statement of teaching philosophy (maximum 1 page).
  5. A letter of endorsement from the department head or immediate supervisor.
  6. A detailed description of the Sundt Honors Seminar to be taught the following Spring semester (see guidelines below). An optional description of a Sundt Seminar proposal for the second year of the professorship may be included but is not required.


Guidelines for Proposing a Sundt Honors Seminar

In furtherance of the Honors College’s educational mission, Sundt Honors Seminars aims to foster student engagement by offering intensive learning opportunities both inside and outside the traditional classroom.  The Sundt Honors Seminar is a unique, experience-based, interdisciplinary seminar developed and taught by the Sundt Honors Professor.  It may include a travel experience related to the seminar topic, hosting of outside specialists, or other unique activity. The course must be structured to satisfy the Viewing the Wider World requirement of General Education and should focus on a contemporary global issue, including an interdisciplinary perspective. 

As part of the Sundt Honors Professorship endowment, the instructor is provided with an approximately $10,000 budget to fund the course.  The fund may go toward paying the costs of student travel, paying for supplies, inviting outside speakers, or other activities.  However, major equipment purchases are not allowed, nor may the fund may be used to hire a graduate assistant.  Each year up to 15 students will be chosen by the Sundt Honors Professor and Dean of the Honors College from applications by honors-eligible students.  The students in the class will be designated Sundt Honors Scholars for that semester.

Proposals for the Sundt Honors Seminar should include the following:

  1. Course title.
  2. A brief (100 words or less) description of the course for (Honors web page announcement and other publicity).
  3. A detailed description of course content, including the expected student learning outcomes.
  4. A detailed description, including a rationale, of the travel or other experiential components of the course.  This should include:
    a)   If a travel experience is to be included in the course, a brief itinerary and a rationale for its inclusion, and an estimated cost per student.
    b)   If outside experts are to be invited, their names, titles, and affiliations, plus a statement justifying why their participation is essential for the course, along with letters of agreement from each participant indicating their willingness to participate in the course.
    c)   If supplies are needed, an itemized list and a rationale for their inclusion.
  5. A statement explaining how the course will engage a diverse population of students.
  6. An explanation of what features distinguish this course from other courses at NMSU.

Complete application materials should be uploaded in a single, combined file either in MS Word or PDF format to the Honors College at Sundt Professorship Application.


Applications for the Sundt Professorship accepted until April 1st at 5 pm.