Applications for the Medical Shadowing Courses

Please read the following before proceeding to the form page:


This will be an online course, and all work will be submitted by email. I use fractional grading, and I will provide you with narrative feedback on all of your assignments as they are submitted. Your final grade will be determined by the following assignments:

1. DAILY LOG- each day you should write down what tasks you performed, how you spent your time, what you have learned, and any other information pertinent to your performance and learning experience. Also, include self-evaluations of how well you feel you did that day, what tasks presented difficulty or challenge, what tasks you feel you accomplished adequately, etc. These should be sent to me WEEKLY. I prefer that you send them by e-mail:

2. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY- You should plan to read and write a brief description of 5 published sources that are relevant to the focus of your medical shadowing and/or your aspirational profession. Ideally, this is done before the shadowing begins or early-on in the semester, as this will help you in preparing for the work, so you will have appropriate background knowledge. For example, if you are shadowing a pediatrician, your reading should focus on issues in pediatrics, if you are shadowing a surgeon, issues in surgery. Professional organizations are good sources for this type of information for your annotated bibliography. An ideal annotation is about two paragraphs summarizing what the article was about, and a third paragraph that is your evaluation of the content of the article or book chapter.

3. SELF- EVALUATION STATEMENT- Also, you are required to submit, at the conclusion of your internship, a brief self-evaluation statement. In this statement, you are encouraged to discuss what you learned about yourself during the course of the experience. Please reflect on how this experience and knowledge gained might affect your plans re future employment or scholarship. You should include both the positive and negative things which you feel you did well and things which proved to more challenging to you than you had anticipated.

4. EVALUATION FROM SUPERVISOR- I will contact the person who supervised your shadowing experience and ask them to assess your performance, and this will also be used in determining your final grade.


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