Get to know the Honors Students!

Melissa Dominguez was born and raised in El Paso, Texas but has been proudly attending school at New Mexico State University since spring 2009. She is a pre-law student majoring in International Business as well as a supplementary major in Small Business and Entrepreneurship Management. She is also currently a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars NMSU chapter! Though life as an Aggie keeps Melissa busy, she still finds time to do the things she enjoys such as playing violin in her free time, as well as in the NMSU Symphony Orchestra.  If Melissa could be anyone in the world she would be Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist for Lead Zeppelin, because she feels he is “an incredibly talented musician and artist [who] was able to influence so many musicians.” As an artist herself, she can appreciate his great talent as well as admire his ability to write and play music. Melissa’s favorite thing about the Honors College is that she is able to study subjects that deviate from her field of study and learn among the most intelligent and competitive students on the NMSU campus. Her advice for students preparing for the future is to “always have a strong ethic and try to invest yourself fully in everything you do.” She also recommends the honors program to students who want to broaden their horizons while gaining new perspectives on, not only scholarly issues, but life.

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