Honors and General Education Requirements

One of the benefits of taking honors courses is that virtually all honors courses satisfy your General Education requirements.  If the course has a ā€˜Gā€™ suffix, as most honors courses do, it satisfies some General Education requirement.

General Education Common Core:

Honors courses offered this semester satisfy the following General Education categories:

Area I:  Communications (3 cr)

HON 265G: Principles of Human Communication 3 cr.

Area II:  Mathematics/Algebra 

Area III:  Laboratory Science (8 cr)

HON 219G: Earth, Time and Life 4 cr.

Area IV:  Social/Behavioral Sciences (6-9 cr)

HON 248G: Citizen and State: Great Political issues 3 cr.

HON 235G: Window on Humanity 3 cr. 

Area V:  Humanities and Fine Arts (18-21 cr)

HON 208G: Music in Time and Space 3 cr.

HON 216G: Encounters with Art 3 cr.

HON 227G: Plato and the Discovery of Philosophy 3 cr.

HON 234G: The Worlds of Arthur 3 cr.


Viewing a Wider World:

All students at NMSU are required to take 6 credits of Viewing a Wider World, at least one of which must be from a college other than the college of their major.

All upper division honors courses with a ā€œVā€ suffix satisfy Viewing the Wider World requirements.

Honors Courses offered this semester satisfying the Viewing a Wider World requirement are noted by colleges using the following codes:

AG- College of Agriculture

A&S- College of Arts and Sciences: 

HON 304V: Dilemmas of War and Peace

HON 306V: Science, Ethics, and Society

HON 326V: Art and Mythology

HON 394V: Islam and the West

HON 411V: Great Theorems: The Art of Mathematics

HON 425V: Magic and Witchcraft

BA- College of Business: 

HON 381V: Economic Development of Latin America

ED- College of Education:

HON 347V: World Dance

HON 388V: Leadership and Society

ENG- College of Engineering

HS- College of Health and Social Services


Free Electives:

HON 218: Women Across Cultures

EDUC 317V: Multicultural Education Counts for BOTH Honors credits AND Multicultural Education class. Non-education majors can enroll.

HON 421: Special Topics: Revolutionary Women

HON 421: Special Topics: Food in Literature

HON 214/314: Successful Fellowship Writing