Honors Internships


Students who are pursuing an Honors track in their academic major may wish to include an internship as part of their academic experience. Internships are appropriate educational experiences if they are enhancing your professional development in your major. Examples of appropriate internships might include a computer science major working as the IT staff person in an academic department, an art major doing graphic design for local businesses, an anthropology student working at a museum, or an HRTM major working in guest relations for a hotel chain. The point is that internships should be a legitimate, rigorous experiential learning opportunity that complements the students’ academic program.


Students who are doing Honors Internships will complete work in a similar fashion to in-class courses. Your grade will be based on the following: a site visit by me to your internship site (if possible), evaluation forms submitted by your internship supervisor, your weekly  journals/reports of  your activities and progress, and the papers you submit to me after your experience.  


Your written requirements for the internship includes the following:


  1. DAILY LOG– each day you should write down what tasks you performed, how you spent your time, what you have learned, and any other information pertinent to your performance and learning experience. Also, include self-evaluations of how well you feel you did that day, what tasks presented difficulty or challenge, what tasks you feel you accomplished adequately, etc. These should be sent to me WEEKLY. I prefer that you send them by e-mail: mchaiken@nmsu.edu. Some interns have been in very isolated settings and do not have access to e-mail. In those rare cases you may submit them after you return in hard copy.


  1. EVIDENCE OF WORK COMPLETED – I should receive sample materials you produce in the course of your work, even if these are in rough format. For example, if you are developing a graphic design for an advertising campaign, a business plan for a new enterprise, series of lessons plans for primary school, or writing text panels for a museum display, please provide a draft of the project you are completing.  Whatever you are preparing or submitting for your supervisor should also be submitted with your final papers. All materials will be kept confidential (in the case of proprietary information), but may used in the grading process.


  1. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – For each credit hour of your internship you should plan to read and write a brief description for 3-5 published sources that are relevant to the geographic area and topical focus of your internship. Ideally this is done before the internship begins, and will help you in preparing for the internship, so you will have appropriate background knowledge.


  1. FINAL PROJECT PAPER – At the conclusion of your internship, you should prepare a final project paper which includes the following information:


  1. a description of your responsibilities or tasks as originally defined in your internship application, and a discussion of how these tasks were modified or implemented in the course of your internship.


  1. a discussion of what type of data you were collecting or project you completed, methods employed, and conclusions you can draw from the work. In many respects, this portion of your internship paper will follow the standard format for research papers. Although there is no magic number of pages which should be produced, I think it is fair to assume that you should be capable of writing 2 pages of timeless prose for each week of your internship. Please contact me if you need more specific information.


  1. SELF- EVALUATION STATEMENT – Also, you are required to submit, at the conclusion of your internship, a brief self-evaluation statement. In this statement you are encouraged to discuss what you learned about yourself during the course of the internship. Students often report that internships increase their self-esteem and/or communication skills. In this paper please reflect on such issues and describe changes that have occurred. You might also want to discuss how the intern experience and knowledge might affect your plans re future employment or scholarship. You should include both the positive and negative things which you feel you did well and things which proved to more challenging to you than you had anticipated


DEADLINES: To avoid problems and confusion please note:  all interns must complete their internship papers in a timely fashion. Final internships papers are due NO MORE THAN 60 DAYS AFTER LEAVING THE INTERNSHIP SITE.  FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS STIPULATION COULD RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE.


Finally, please ensure that I know how to contact you at your place of work and residence for the period of internship (complete and return the next page to me). If a site visit is possible (again this visit only applies to those sites within range of the campus)  I will call in advance and set a day and time which is amenable to you and your supervisor. I will speak with your supervisor about your performance and this will be used to help determine your final grade for this internship.


You are about to embark on a challenging and exciting new learning experience, be sure to let me know what I can do to enhance this opportunity for you.