Honors Thesis/Capstone Experience

Honors Thesis/Capstone proposals for the Fall semester are due May 1, for Spring semester: December 1

An Honors Thesis/Capstone experience is a challenging, original project completed in the Spring of a student’s Junior year, or in their Senior year. Each student, with the supervision of a professor in their home discipline, designs an ambitious project that is suitable for their discipline. While many students complete a classic Senior thesis, in some instances the capstone project could be a creative arts project (e.g. a short film, a novel, a painting exhibition), a service-learning project, or an internship. In every case, the student must prepare a proposal that must be approved by a professor in their home department and by the Honors College Dean.


To qualify for submitting an Honors Thesis/Capstone, the student must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and be of Junior or Senior rank. The Honors Thesis, a 3-credit one-semester course, is generally seen as the final stage of the “University Honors” track. The capstone is required to receive “University Honors” certification and graduation recognition.
Steps to Completing an Honors Thesis/Capstone 
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Thesis/Capstone Format

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Thesis/Capstone Format

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