November’s Student of the Month

Nathan Graff – “Have a goal in mind, work toward that goal, but if something else comes along… don’t be afraid to pursue it”honorsphoto (1)

I am currently completing my third year at NMSU. I am a Philosophy major with a supplementary major in Law and Society. I’m originally from the Detroit, Michigan metro area, and graduated high school in Albuquerque from La Cueva. Outside of school I enjoy playing music, welding, and spending time with my family. I am involved in Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity and Sophia: the philosophy club. If I could be anywhere in the world, I would like to be camping in the mountains of Northern New Mexico with my dog. My favorite quote is “On the days when I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”- Ray Wylie Hubbard.

One of my favorite things about the Honors College is the privileges granted to the students when it comes to things like registering for classes early and the amount of time allotted to us when borrowing books from one of the libraries. My advice to any student, or really anyone preparing for his or her future is to have a goal in mind, work toward that goal, but if something else comes along different from that goal, don’t be afraid to pursue it. I recommend the honors program to other students because it offers a lot of resources that are useful in bettering your educational experience; something that anyone involved in an academic setting should be interested in.



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