October’s Student of the Month: Corey Fisher!

Corey Fisher made his way to NMSU this semester from Chicago, Illinois. He enrolled as a pre-med student studying Chemistry. Although studious, outside of school he enjoys being with my family and playing with his puppy, Daisy. Fisher likes to be involved. Currently, he forms a part of the NMSU’s pre-health club. He is also a reader. His favorite book is called Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind. It is the second book of the series Sword of Truth. Fisher has a few favorite quotes from this author; “Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.” and “We can only be who we are, nothing more, no less.” Fisher is proud to be who he is. He would never want to be anybody but himself. He states, “I am young; I have much time to accomplish any and all of my goals. Why would I want to be anyone else?” He looks forward to what he has yet to do. He is a Crimson Scholar and loves the fact that the Honors College provides the opportunity for all scholars to register early and ensure that they have the classes they need. Fisher gives some words of wisdom and that is for everyone to go to class. He also strongly recommend the Honors College because there is a teaching staff that cares!



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