Professor of the Month: Lori Keleher | October 2019

October’s Instructor of the month is Lori Keleher.
Lori’s hometown is Albuquerque, and her daughters are fifth-generation New Mexicans. “I love to spend time with my children, to travel, and to do sports. I especially love to run on the trails near the Organ Mountains”. She also mentions something very interesting about NMSU, “Most NMSU students are just learning how truly powerful they are and how many opportunities they have to change their lives and the world. I love that I get to witness this awakening. The faculty at NMSU are not simply good researchers. The majority truly invest in the students and the community.” Lori Keleher is an associate professor of Philosophy at New Mexico State University. She has published essays in development ethics, practical ethics, and ancient philosophy. Currently the Vice President of the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA) and on the Executive Council and a Fellow of the Human Development Capability Association. She is the coeditor of the Routledge Handbook of Development Ethics (with Jay Drydyk, Routledge 2019); and of Agency and Democracy in Development Ethics (with Stacy Kosko, Cambridge University Press 2019). Her current research focus is integral human development ethics. Lori majored in Philosophy with a minor in language (French and Spanish). She has an MA in Philosophy from Michigan State; studied one year at the Catholic University of America; and received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Maryland, where she also did a graduate program in Philosophy, Public Policy and Politics.


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