September Student of the Month | Ellyssia Forbes

My name is Ellyssia Forbes, and I the only daughter of a 20-year Navy veteran and a loving homemaker who have been, since before I started school, working passionately to develop a home environment that is conducive to learning. I’m also the younger sister of a brother who is my best friend and academic role model, as well as a Government Department and Honors College alum!

My favorite activity in the world has always been making up stories! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed letting my mind wander into the realm of the fantastical, and identifying and developing the characters, locations, and narratives that come from that realm is an activity that never ceases to bring me joy! I’ve even recently gotten better at writing my stories down and revisiting the ideas that have popped out of my head has brought me countless hours of hearty laughs and reinvigorated passion!

To that end, I also admittedly love video games! Some of my absolute favorite characters have come from the surprisingly nuanced and at times outright outrageous narratives crafted by individuals with a passion for a modern medium of visual storytelling. I continually enjoy hoping through historical playgrounds, watching the narratives of young and marginalized individuals unfold, and going fast through colorful stages with excellent soundtracks, and one of my greatest hopes is that I can always make time for it as often as I can!


I am currently majoring in Biology and triple minoring in Human Biology, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology! I have been fortunate enough, however, to take courses both in other colleges (specifically in the College of Agriculture, Consumer, & Environmental Sciences and the College of Education) and in two of the other three areas in the College of Arts & Sciences (in the Social Sciences and the Humanities), and these courses have given greater and more passionate shape to the direction in which I would like my career to go!

As an idealist, I believe that the most important thing that a student should take away from college actually isn’t a college degree— it’s a more enlightened perspective. Of course, I would encourage all of my degree-seeking peers to continue to work towards the successful completion of their respective degrees, but I would also encourage them to, if they have the time, take classes in a seemingly unrelated subject if only for the sake of expanding their bank of knowledge!


Some of the most enriching classes that I have taken during my time at NMSU have been in the honors college, and I have met faculty and staff that I greatly admire and that have afforded me opportunities for personal growth that I will take with me for the rest of my life. One of my honors professors, Dr. Slaton, has even since become my advisor for my Honors Thesis, the general idea for which I developed from taking her class!

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Honors Ambassadors, and I’m still grateful to Kayla Myers, Yael Cano-Gonzalez, Ana Cardenas (former graduate assistants and Ambassador Program Coordinators in the Honors College), and Abby Nayra (the former Student Programs/Scholarship Coordinator in the Honors College) for all of the conversations and stories shared from their lives and educations that have also afforded me opportunities to explore and deconstruct nuanced topics of increasing import in the world today, and have a caring ear to listen and offer earnest advice. The Ambassador program itself has allowed me to help continue the trend of excellence that has long been cultivated by honors students and crimson scholars here at NMSU by (hopefully) reaching and encouraging students.


My favorite thing about the Honors College is honestly the professors. I think the Honors College administrators have cultivated an environment in which instructors with ideals and visions for learning can truly realize those plans, and to them I’m also grateful; but, for me, it is the people on the ground who consistently develop and enact their visions for what they want to give to their students that have been the brightest highlight of my time in the Honors College!

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