Paper Presentation Workshop Info

Each paper presentation session will have three or four presentations. Paper presentations should be no longer than fifteen minutes so that sufficient time is allowed for questions and answers. A podium will be provided, and each room will be equipped with an overhead projector for your powerpoint presentation. If you need any additional equipment, it is your responsibility to request it on the application form.

When preparing your paper for presentation, please remember that your audience comprises students and faculty of a variety of different disciplines. Therefore, you should strive to present your research in a clear and simple language that is accessible to the entire audience. Also, if your presentation is based on your honors thesis or large research, your presentation will probably be only a small portion of your entire project. So you must organize your presentation in advance to be sure that what you select out of your thesis makes sense.

It is very important to organize your presentation in advance. The best presentations will have an introduction that states the nature of the problem and the methodology of your research. The body of your paper should contain only a summary of your data and findings. Your conclusions are very important, so develop them carefully. Don’t try to present your talk on the basis of random notes or summarized pages from your thesis: prepare your presentation as if it were an entirely new report. Remember, your audience is hearing the paper for the first time, so good organization and delivery is crucial.

It is also adviseable to rehearse your presentation in advance in order to know how much time it will take to deliver. Do not speak in monotones, but try to vary your inflection. Make eye contact with your audience and try to involve them in your talk.

With a well organized and carefully rehearsed presentation, your symposium paper will be a sure hit!