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Steve Jobs Presentation Skills

Presentation Checklist

The 10 Most Common Presentation Mistakes

Each slide should talk about one thing; too many topics per slide will be overwhelming for the audience. Also, too much text or data should be avoided.

It may be helpful to organize the content in the standard research report order below:


Title slide (Tells the results of your research. Short and catchy! The presenter should list their name, department, college, etc.)
Introduction (Be brief. What do you want the audience to take away from your talk? Two to three points at the most.)
Objectives: (What points are you trying to make?)
Materials/Methods (Be concise, use photos, don’t get lost in too many details.)
Conclusions (Make sure what you’ve learned is clearly and easily described.)
Implications (Explain what your discoveries mean to the big picture.)
References/Acknowledgements (Don’t forget to list your research sources

Ana Henke
University Communications