Paper Presentations – Live Zoom


Each live Zoom session will have three or four presentations and will be hosted by a moderator that will give each presenter screen sharing rights when it is their turn to present.  This will allow you to share slides or other files from your computer screen directly for the audience.  

Each presenter will have a maximum of 15 minutes for both presentation and questions so do please plan accordingly.  The schedule will be posted in advance so you will know your time slot and how many sessions are scheduled within the hour – which can impact your time allocation.  The moderator will be responsible for keeping presentations on schedule.

When preparing your work for presentation, please remember that your audience comprises students and faculty of a variety of different disciplines.  Therefore, you should strive to present your research in a clear and simple language that is accessible to the entire audience.  For presenters drawing from a larger project, please remember that you may only be able to present the highlights from your work.

It is very important to organize and practice your presentation in advance. Your faculty advisor is your best source of guidance for what your presentation should look like given the nature of your work.  

All presenters assigned to a session should plan to stay through the entire session.  You are also part of the audience for the others in your time slot! Please do invite others to attend the session to see your work and the work of your peers.



Posted Presentations


Posted presentations will come in a number of formats appropriate for the work completed.  Whether these are narrated power point presentations or large PDF poster files, the material should be self-explanatory so that a visitor to your presentation will be able review your work and understand your original research, scholarship, or creative contribution.  

Additional details on submitting file for posting will be sent in advance to students that have submitted complete proposals.

Posted presentations will be available to review from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm on the day of the symposium.  Please do encourage your colleagues, peers, and family to explore all of the work posted including your original contribution!