The William Conroy Honors College

Where Excellence Meets Opportunity


The best and brightest students at NMSU have homes in two colleges – they pursue an academic degree in their chosen discipline, but they also participate in the NMSU Honors College. Our Honors College is the oldest in New Mexico, and is a nurturing liberal arts college embedded within the bigger university. Honors College students receive the same type of quality education that a student might at an elite college like Oberlin, Swarthmore, or Dartmouth – without the $60,000 annual price tag. Our students fulfill some of their required General Education courses by taking classes in the Honors College – courses taught by master teachers that emphasize interactive learning, challenging readings, enhanced analytical abilities, and superior communication abilities. When they complete their general education requirements they continue on to take honors designated courses in their academic majors, and complete their degrees with a Senior Capstone Project.

The students who pursue their education in Honors graduate with special distinctions, but even more importantly they graduate with additional skills, knowledge, and abilities that will make them competitive in the global work force. They are supported and encouraged to set ambitious goals for themselves such as Lauren Rath who was accepted at 10 veterinary medicine schools, or Upile Chisala who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Oxford University, or Will Grumet who was accepted at every law school he applied to, or Sativa Cruz whose scholarships to the graduate program at Oregon State were made possible by her success in our Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) program. These are just a few of our success stories, come join our community of scholars.

These are the students who come through our Honors College and graduate as visionaries who will make a difference in the world.
Our goal: To motivate students to reach their full potential.