Conroy Honors Scholars


Conroy Honors Scholars

The 2024 Conroy Honors Scholar Program application information is now available!  

The deadline for priority consideration will remain December 1.

Required materials include completion of an online Scholar Dollar application and submission of a two-page statement of interest to the Conroy Honors College.

Additional details on eligibility, program requirements, and the application letter can be found at the link below.


 Conroy Honors Scholar Information


Remember that even if you are not eligible for, or do not receive, the Conroy Honors Scholar Program award, if you are a strong academic student, you are most certainly already receiving an automatic merit scholarship and are eligible to join the University Honors Program to engage in the same learning opportunities. 



Welcome to the new 2023 cohort of our Conroy Honors Scholars! We are pleased to have them join us this Fall as academic leaders of the University Honors community.

This diverse cohort of new, first-year, NMSU students was selected for both their record of academic achievement and their fit with the mission of the Honors College. These students are expected to serve as leaders and models for what the life of a fully-engaged, academic all-star, student can be at New Mexico State University. In addition to excellence in the classroom while completing the University Honors Program, Conroy Honors Scholars will also reflect Honors values as they:

  • Work with faculty mentors on the research, scholarship, and creative work of the University
  • Seek leadership opportunities in both the campus community and their professional fields
  • Model social responsibility with service and advocacy for a cause that matters
  • Develop intercultural competence, appreciation for diversity, and their capacities as global citizens


Read more about this group of exceptional NMSU Honors students below. This is just a small sampling of the 100+ first-year Honors students determined to do more with their NMSU education! We are confident that their Honors experiences at NMSU will help transform them for the better - and that they will help transform the world for good!



Name: Amy Gray

Major/Degree: English Literature and Psychology

Graduated From: Explore Academy Albuquerque

Destination for International Studies: Germany

Causes I Care About: LGBTQ+ Equality and Women’s Rights




I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I lived my whole life with the exception of a few months that I spent living in Hong Kong. I graduated from Explore Academy which gave me the opportunity to explore interests of mine, including things like law, creative writing, and literature. I also participated in my school’s National Honor Society chapter, headed up multiple committees on the student council, and led the Genders and Sexualities Alliance. I intend to double major in Literature and Psychology, and graduate with a minor in creative writing, and possibly an additional minor in Gender and Sexuality studies. I intend to go into teaching high school, trying to give students a safe space to discuss any ideas they have and feelings they’re feeling, which is a luxury I didn’t have for most of my youth. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, most commonly fantasy and romance like A Court of Thorns and Roses, Song of Achilles, and I Wish You All The Best. I enjoy watching musicals and exploring true crime, and going to concerts of all different genres and sizes. I chose New Mexico State University specifically for the Conroy Honors Program, and I’m looking forward to getting to learn in a different way while getting to know my fellow Honors students.


Name: Athena NeeldIMG_0863.JPG

Major/Degree: Biochemistry / Biomedical Engineering 

Graduated from: Loving High School, Loving New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Switzerland

A cause I care about: Spreading awareness about disabilities



I have lived in Carlsbad, New Mexico, most of my life. During high school, I was able to obtain an associate's degree of science. At NMSU, I plan to major in biochemistry and complete my goal of becoming a biomedical engineer. My two brothers have autism and I have always been passionate in contributing to discovering a cure for autism and motor neuron diseases. In my free time, I crochet amigurumi, write poetry, and color.  Soon, I hope to spend time studying abroad in Switzerland, due to their excellence in medicine and healthcare. 




Name: Brandon Johnson

Major/Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Graduated From: Irvine High School, Irvine, California

A Destination for International Studies: Germany and/or the Netherlands

A cause I care about: helping underprivileged youth excel


I was born in La Palma, California, and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico starting Freshman year here at New Mexico State University. I am one of a few Projects Lead The Way Scholars at my school as a student who has excelled in engineering classes throughout my four years. I was also a leading member in the FIRST Robotics team 7230 making large robots over the course of several months, as well as a track athlete. I have always been fascinated by robots and machines, while wanting to know about how absolutely everything works. Alongside this, I have great interests in game development and reading. I feel grateful for the opportunities available to me throughout high school which has greatly improved my skills and preparation for college and my future career. Through this gratitude, after obtaining my degree, I want to provide students who otherwise lack similar opportunities with the experiences that built who I am today, both developing programs and directly supporting youth through mentorship. Entering the Engineering College, I am excited to put the skills I have to the test and continue to develop them through the resources and opportunities available to me at NMSU.



Name: Chlaudene Hardesty

Major/degree: Museum Curator

Graduated from: West Shores High School, Salton City, California

A Destination for International Studies: Egypt, Europe, or Nepal

A Cause I Care About: The Preservation of Art/Artifacts and culture.



I was born and raised in the middle of a fruit farm, Thermal, California by that giant Salt Lake. I moved to NM earlier this year in order to broaden my horizons and experience new things. Let me tell you, there wasn’t much to do back from where I came from and my high school wasn’t fancy or had much to do other than the basic stuff, practically bare bones. I managed to speed run my education and get done earlier by some form of homeschool that had you complete an entire semester in 3 weeks for each class. I’ve competed in science fairs and won some awards with the weird things I could do with computers. However, I’m mostly an artist and I like to make things with any medium or material that I can get my hands on, digital or traditional. I’ve also always been interested in ancient civilizations, the past, and its strange mysteries; when I saw that this place offered an art restoration class with a full degree, I just had to join. I believe that the preservation of art is an essential part of humanity since it helps us understand what the past was like along with how humanity used to live, along with their cultures and beliefs. I wanted to get this scholarship since it offered me the perfect opportunity to help with my studies and go abroad to another country. Besides art, I like to read, stargaze, play video games, and look at anything space related because I love space and it’s one of the many things that fascinate me. I have my father to thank for even recommending this school to me and taking me here to look around since he also attended NMSU decades ago and got his Master’s degree here. I can’t wait to conquer my cornflake at a time.



Name: Erika Torres

Major/Degree: Nursing

Graduated from: Harmony School of Innovation - Middle/High, El Paso, TX

A destination for International Studies: Germany, South Korea, or Japan

A cause I care about: Access to healthcare for all




I was born and raised in El Paso, TX. Growing up in El Paso, I noticed the lack of healthcare in my community, and this has pushed me towards the path of nursing. I want to pursue nursing to be able to help as many people as I can by starting charities, setting up clinics, and offering services to those in need. I’m excited to be able to go to NMSU where there is administration and students with the same goal as me. I am a strong believer in maintaining a good work/life balance so I will always look to my hobbies to help me destress and have fun. My hobbies are drawing, puzzles, video games, and music.



Name: Gabriela García-Porras

Major/Degree: Communication Disorders and Linguistics

Graduated from: Coronado High School, El Paso, Texas

A Destination for International Studies: South Korea

A cause I care about: Ethnic and Racial Healthcare Disparities



Hello! My name is Gaby García. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to El Paso, Texas when I was eight. I plan on becoming either a Speech-Pathologist or Audiologist. I am currently a Certified Patient Care Technician, Electrocardiogram Technician and Phlebotomy Technician. As a Hispanic healthcare professional in the borderland, I am extremely passionate about advocating for minorities in healthcare. I hope to use my cultural awareness and bilingual skills to make a difference, especially in the field of communication disorders. In my free time, I love learning new languages and exploring different forms of art such as crocheting, sculpting, painting, reading, growing plants and much more. My favorite form of art has always been music. I am a classically trained guitarist and have been playing for over nine years. Whether I am singing in my church’s choir or playing piano at home, I love the way that music brings people together and creates community. I am excited to be a part of the Conroy Scholars Honors community throughout my years at NMSU!



Name: Jessica Jassmin Lopez Tena

Major/degree: Accounting and Spanish

Graduated from: Rio Rancho High School, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A destination for international studies: South America

A cause I care about: Immigration




I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although many times I thought of my hometown as a “boring” place where I had nothing to do, as I grew up, I’ve learned to love and appreciate the small things in front of me. The weather is one of my favorite parts of New Mexico, the land of enchantment. I love that it can be very sunny and hot outside but in a matter of minutes it can all change and we can have stormy weather. Being able to have all four seasons in a day makes me feel an unexplainable sense of happiness. I come from a Hispanic heritage where my roots have a very strong impact on the actions and decisions that I take. In high school I had the opportunity to participate in the Hispanic Student Union where I met many new people and planned events that represented our heritage. I would like to think that I left a mark for future generations to follow and would love to continue doing so in NMSU. Being able to participate in other clubs such as Best Buddies and Unified sports also opened my horizons and taught me that there are many things that you can learn from others. I created friendships with people who have different skills as mine but after a while we learned how to communicate with each other. We all have different qualities that make us unique but teaching and learning from others is what makes us extraordinary.



Name: Kaden Martinez

Major/Degree: Cybersecurity

Graduated from: Rio Rancho High School, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Japan

A cause I care about: Self-Improvement/Online Privacy



I am a born and raised New Mexican, having lived in both northern and central New Mexico. I attended an Albuquerque private school until the 5th grade, when I moved to my parents' hometown of Springer, NM. The change from city to small town was very interesting and I enjoyed my time in such a tight knit community, and I kept that spirit within me when we moved to Rio Rancho my sophomore year. I was a member of the National Honor Society since the 8th grade and continued my tenure even after moving schools. Since I was young, I have always loved different kinds of technology and digital media such as video games, movies, TV shows, robotics, and computer programs. In addition to those sedentary interests, I also enjoy exercising and playing sports. I hope to use my degree in Cybersecurity to make the internet and the technological world at large a safer place and hope to teach others the importance of technological literacy and how to be safer online. I hope to graduate from NMSU with a master’s in 5 years and I’m excited to be a part of the Conroy Honors College experience.



Name: Marlene Mosqueda

Major/Degree: Chemical Engineering

Graduated from: Early College High School, Deming, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Spain, Mexico, or Europe

A cause I care about: Supporting the running community and encouraging our society to engage in healthy activities.




When I was ten years old, my father came to the United States in search of a better life for my family. Not long after, he decided to take us with him for a chance to live and study in New Mexico. Now with seventeen years of age and almost eight years living in New Mexico, I am excited to begin a new chapter of my life with peers looking for the same thing I am looking for—high-quality education. Graduating from an Early College High School was a challenge for me; however, I managed to graduate in the top 10% of my class while being involved in extracurricular activities such as the National Honor Society, Student Council, Cross Country, and Track & Field. Through the participation of Deming High School’s track and field and cross-country teams, I am beyond happy to share my passion for running. I look forward to exploring new things about my degree choice and taking advantage of opportunities that the Honors College has to offer while enjoying my passion to the fullest.



Name: Mason DeVore

Major/Degree: Computer Science

Graduated from: Faith Lutheran High School, Las Vegas, NV

A Destination for International Studies: Finland

A Cause I Care About: Mental Health Advocacy



I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where I fell in love with the performing arts and technology. Throughout middle school and high school, I involved myself in robotics and Cyber Patriots competitions, and band. Throughout high school, I was planning on majoring in some form of engineering, but that was before I fell in love with cybersecurity and began to think of it as a possible future. Through my cyber defense classes and competitions, I realized the depths of our technological advancements and truly how big of a target we are for cyber-attacks. I hope to continue my education at NMSU with computer science while also striving to learn pen testing and get certifications so I can get my foot in the door for many career paths. I do not know what the future has in store for me, but I hope I can grow up to help others in a day and age where our technology is an extension to ourselves. I also plan to continue my interests in performing as a member of the NMSU Pride of New Mexico Marching Band.



Name: Mackenzie Dybvik

Major/Degree: Sociology

Graduated from: Adolfo Camarillo High School

A Destination for International Studies: Switzerland

A Cause I Care About: Body Dysmorphia and Disordered Eating in Teens


Hi there!! My name is Mackenzie Dybvik and I’m from Camarillo, California. I’ve lived in sunny southern California my whole life and it has given me a deep appreciation of cultural diversity and appreciation. Throughout high school, I worked to obtain my associates degree in Sociology. I also participated in multiple clubs, like Gender and Sexuality Alliance and Key Club, as well as shadowing a doctor. I currently plan on going pre-med and eventually becoming an osteopathic physician. Holistic health is the future and I’m so excited to learn about that with a sociological perspective! I am very passionate about the rising rates of body dysmorphia and disordered eating within teens, and I will work my absolute hardest to help curb this issue and bring care and resources to others who are struggling. I currently plan on traveling abroad to Switzerland to immerse myself within their healthcare system and develop a better understanding of how different healthcare systems impact society’s health as a whole. Outside of my academics, I love reading, coloring, making jewelry, sightseeing, trying new food, and really anything adventurous! My favorite color is pink, my favorite movie is The Batman, and I’m really scared of crows. I’m beyond excited to pursue all of my interests at NMSU! Go Aggies!!



Name: Michael Baca

Major/ Degree: Biochemistry

Graduated from: Los Lunas High School, Los Lunas, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Italy

A Cause I care About: Medical Research




I was born in Albuquerque, NM, and was raised in the Village of Los Lunas. I have had the express pleasure of calling the state of New Mexico my home for all my life. I have always felt drawn to the call of service, and often, I questioned the best way that I could answer this call. Yet, it wasn’t until I had the pleasure of meeting several doctors and healthcare providers over the years that I found a field I could be passionate about. As a chronic asthmatic, I was able to observe firsthand (due to many hospital and emergency room visits) how important health care workers are to us as a society. From then on, I have had a profound interest in the medical field and one day wish to work towards becoming a MD. Outside of school, my interests include playing sports, reading books, playing chess, and lifting weights. I am excited about college and looking forward to expanding my horizons and enjoying all I can from the experience.


Name: Natalie Colbert

Major/Degree: Animation and Visual Effects

Graduated from: Lubbock High School, Lubbock, Texas

A Destination for international studies: Europe or Japan

A cause I care about: Diversity in media


I was born in New Mexico and my family moved to Lubbock, Texas when I was 9. Growing up, I have always been creative; drawing and creating stories. At my high school, I was able to take animation classes, which allowed me to discover what I am passionate about. My goal after I earn my degree in Animation is to help tell diverse stories and bring more representation to the media, because seeing a story you connect with can be very powerful. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing video games with friends, reading, drawing, watching and listening to musicals, and watching anime. I am excited to be a Conroy Honors Scholar and I’m looking forward to my time at NMSU!



Name: Noah Perea

Major/Degree: Chemistry

Graduated from: Klein Oak Highschool, Houston, Texas

Destination for International Studies: France or Japan

A cause I care about: Pharmaceutical drugs and addictions




Hey, my name is Noah and I was born in Virginia, but for the majority of my life I've grown up in Houston, Texas. From an early age, I have displayed a keen interest in basketball and quickly became enamored with the sport playing it throughout high school. While playing basketball, I learned teamwork, leadership, and adaptability while still having fun and enjoying the sport. I enjoy learning, music and physical activity. Here at NMSU, I plan to embark on a journey to study chemistry in depth and to do research within the pharmaceutical business. I have always been interested in the field of chemistry and pharmaceuticals and how I can push the boundaries and not only help a lot of people, but to contribute to the planet's sustainability and foster a positive impact on the Earth.



Name: Parker L. Jones-Wirth

Intended Degree: Business

Graduated from: The ASK Academy, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

A destination for International Studies: Costa Rica

A cause I care about: Sustainability 




I lived in Los Ranchos, NM until moving to Corrales, NM in 2016, where I have enjoyed living ever since. Spending a great deal of time skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and fishing across the Southwest has given me an immense appreciation for plants, wildlife, and natural landscapes. I passionately believe that improving the interactions between society and the environment is beneficial not only for conserving resources and ecosystems, but also for people’s health. My other passions include singing, playing piano, drawing, cooking, and gardening, and I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. I am grateful for the opportunity NMSU is giving me through the Conroy Honors Scholar Program, and I am excited to use it to better myself in order to do my part to push the world into a more sustainable future. 



Name: Ryqir Haden 

Major/Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Graduated from: Parkland High School, El Paso, Texas

A Destination for international studies: Singapore or Germany

A cause I care about: Energy Sustainability




I have lived somewhat across the world, being born in South Korea and living a few years each in California, New York, Germany, Singapore, and my final stop, El Paso, Texas. I was born and raised a military child, and have been fascinated by multiple countries from the way the culture and technology differ between each. I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and dream of working in the automotive field to create a more efficient engine for vehicles. Throughout my traveling, I was always interested in how different the cars were in each country. Each car may only have a slight difference in performance or looks, but that difference was enough to spark my life-long dream of being the designer of a new car. And now that electric-powered vehicles and hydrogen-powered vehicles are coming to light, I want to be a part of the movement toward a safer and more sustainable Earth via transportation. Many renewable sources in our world today, like solar panels, rely on an incredibly inefficient system. With the advancement of technology, we could improve an existing system and reach a higher efficiency in obtaining renewable energy. I look forward to being a part of the NMSU community, as well as being a Conroy Honors Scholar. Apart from my goals and aspirations, I take great pride in my hobbies. I love playing video games (Minecraft, Call of Duty, Ghost of Tsushima, and Forza are my favorites), watching anime (nothing wrong with a little Black Clover), playing the piano in my free time, and watching pc building videos on YouTube!


Name: Syan Pai 

Degree: Genetics and Biotechnology

Graduated from: Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Japan

A Cause I Care About: Improving lives through medical and pharmaceutical sales.




I was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I enjoy many things such as music and sports, I have been playing sports since I was three. I have played soccer and tennis for my high school where I was captain of both. I am a first-generation Indian American. From childhood, I have had the privilege to travel to India every summer, and seeing weaker and less fortunate healthcare with a lack of distribution of medicine to lower-income areas/villages, has helped me understand that I would like to help people in need through pharmacy and medicine. I have been interning at a doctor's office for the past couple of years to help me further my medical knowledge and to see if this is something I enjoy.  So far, it has been a very satisfactory and productive experience. I am excited to see how NMSU can help further my education and help me, help others not only in my community but in my ancestral home.



Name: Taylor Rolan

Major: Animal Science/Agriculture Education

Graduated from: School of Dreams Academy, Los Lunas, NM

Destination for international studies: New Zealand 

A cause I care about: Protecting our farm and ranch lands 




Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Valencia County, NM and grew up with farmland all around and animals of every kind at my house. Growing up, my family helped supported me in competing in rodeos and livestock showing, and that grew a passion in me for animals. Ever since I joined my school's FFA chapter in the 8th grade, I have been hooked on learning about agriculture and helping advocate for it. Agriculture plays a huge part in our world, and I want to help other understand and see the importance of it. I want to shape the agriculture community either through researching animal genetics and nutrition or going back to where my passion started and become an Agriculture Science educator. I believe that this program will help me expand my horizon in research and career knowledge.  I'm excited to be attending New Mexico State University and can't wait to see where the next 4 years takes me! 



Name: Trenton Richter

Major/Degree: Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Graduated from: Renaissance High School, Meridian, Idaho

Destination for international studies: China

A cause I care about: Environmentally neutral technology.




I grew up in rural Idaho and moved to the Treasure Valley to pursue a better opportunity for high-school education.  Living in rural areas gave me a deep love for nature and the planet. I go out of my way to make my environment better than how it was when I found it. I frequently spend my time outdoors whether it’s snowing or in the middle of a heatwave. In high school I frequently worked with community leaders in the Bureau of Land Management and the City Parks department to develop hiking trails and community outreach programs. At NMSU, I will pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering to elevate me to a position where I can work on environmentally friendly technologies in the aviation industry. While in Las Cruces as a Conroy Honors Scholar, I would love to become part of the community and expand my horizons when it comes to culture, food, beliefs, and language.