Conroy Honors Scholars

The 2023 Conroy Honors Scholar Program is now accepting applications.

The deadline for priority consideration is Dec 1.


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Please see our exceptional pool of 2022 Scholars below!


This diverse cohort of new, first-year, NMSU students was selected for both their record of academic achievement and their fit with the mission of the Honors College. These students are expected to serve as leaders and models for what the life of a fully-engaged, academic all-star, student can be at New Mexico State University. In addition to excellence in the classroom while completing the University Honors Program, Conroy Honors Scholars will also reflect Honors values as they:

  • Work with faculty mentors on the research, scholarship, and creative work of the University
  • Seek leadership opportunities in both the campus community and their professional fields
  • Model social responsibility with service and advocacy for a cause that matters
  • Develop intercultural competence, appreciation for diversity, and their capacities as global citizens


Read more about this group of exceptional NMSU Honors students below. This is just a small sampling of the 100+ first-year Honors students determined to do more with their NMSU education! We are confident that their Honors experiences at NMSU will help transform them for the better - and that they will help transform the world for good!


Name: Gabriel Agnew

Major/Degree: Environmental Sciences and Mathematics

Graduated from: Organ Mountain High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Australia

A cause I care about: Protecting Our Deserts


I was born in Troy, Ohio, and moved to Las Cruces when I was eight. Moving here felt like stepping into a whole new world. The desert and its unique life quickly captivated me and has shaped my future professional goals. After finishing my degree, I hope to contribute to research on deserts and shrublands and help in the conservation of unique places, such as here. Aside from environmental science, I also love math, teaching, and especially music! I have been playing the viola most of my life and was appointed as principal violist of the All-State Symphony Orchestra during my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year of high school. I’ll always continue playing the viola wherever I go, and I hope, one day, to teach people what I’ve learned. I’m very excited to go to NMSU and explore its study abroad programs in hopes of going to Australia to explore its badlands.




Name: Karla Alvarez 

Major/Degree: Psychology and Accounting 

Graduated from: Santa Teresa High School, Santa Teresa, New Mexico 

A Destination for International Studies: Italy 

A Cause I Care About: Empowering woman and minorities 


I was born in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, but moved to the United States when I was only a few months old. I graduated from Santa Teresa High School as the salutatorian for the class of 2022, and throughout my four years of high school, I have participated in my school’s marching band, student council, National Honor Society, theatre club, and police explorers’ program. After earning my bachelor’s, I hope to attend law school, and even strive to get a PhD. Along the way I hope to empower women and inspire minorities to strive to get an education. Outside of school, I enjoy learning about new fashion trends, enjoy watching musicals, and love to swim. As my journey in NMSU begins, I would like to learn a new language, travel abroad, try out for the theatre program. I would also like to read more and engage in more active activities.




Name: Daren Aranda

Major/Degree: Elementary Special Education

Graduated from: El Paso High School, El Paso, Texas

A Destination for International Studies: East Asia

A Cause I Care About: Education for All


I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I speak both English and Spanish and attended the Dual Language Magnet Progam in High School where I earned a Medical Interpreting Training certificate. I am proud of my Hispanic heritage and love empowering my Spanish speaking community. At NMSU I plan to major in Elementary Special Education, as I have had a passion for uplifting and serving special populations from a young age. Hopefully, that will be only the beginning, as I have the plan to specialize in work with children that are visually impaired or blind. I am a firm believer that everyone, no matter intellectual, developmental, emotional, or physical disability, deserves a good education. I am looking forward to being part of the Conroy Scholars Program and gaining knowledge that will not only empower me but the special populations in the communities which I care about the most. I am currently learning braille and in my free time I enjoy reading, watching anime, and I love anything arts and crafts.




Name: Anabella Arias

Major/Degree: Kinesiology

Graduated from: Young Women's Leadership Academy, El Paso, Texas

A Destination for International Studies: The United Kingdom

A Cause I Care About: Mental Health in the American School System

I was born and raised in El Paso Texas and have been inspired to give back to the community that gave so much to me by focusing on a career that surrounded service. Last summer, I interned at a Physical Therapy clinic in Las Cruces, which opened my eyes to the field and its impact on others. I would like to specialize in elderly care after watching how helpful the physical therapists were to my grandfather before he passed away. Throughout my high school career, I have also been able to serve in more creative ways through my passion for video editing and film production. I have entered different film festivals, made many videos for different theater events, and National History Day competitions. I also created the senior class video which captured all of our high school memories and it was shown in front of the whole school. I have such a strong love for learning new things, whatever it may be, and I hope to grow this love here at NMSU. I am very grateful to be a part of this program and excited to make an impact on my community and the world!



Name: Timothy Bautista

Major/Degree: Aerospace Engineering

Graduated from: The ASK Academy – Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Destination for International Studies: Germany, Japan, or South Korea

A Cause I Care About: STEM Outreach and Technology Literacy


I’m a born and raised Filipino that emigrated to the United States when I was only 3. I’ve lived in New Mexico for essentially my entire life, and attended the ASK Academy where my callings for robotics, engineering, and aerospace took flight; robotics clubs, STEM challenges, science fairs– you name it. Not only did I develop the skills necessary for a future in engineering, I also recently learned that there is more to life than living it by the numbers - especially the GPA. I have awakened new interests in literature, psychology, astrophotography, cinema, and cooking. With an open mind in hand, I’m excited to see where NMSU takes me. Apart from that, I love playing video games (Destiny 2, Skyrim, and Kerbal Space Program are my favorites), watching anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favorite) and stargazing.


Name: Alicia Beilman

Major/Degree: Kinesiology

Graduated from: Organ Mountain High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Torshavn, Faroe Islands

A Cause I Care About: Mental Health Advocacy



I moved to Las Cruces before the start of high school year and have chosen to continue my education here at NMSU. Kinesiology is my major and I plan on graduating with a bachelor’s before continuing on for a degree in physical therapy. I had to go to physical therapy for an injury once and the exercises really helped the pain go away. I especially appreciated that it was a judgment-free environment where people could get the help they needed. Getting the physical or mental help you need is something I value as a close friend of mine has been struggling for a long time and I can see how important this help can be. It is painful to see the ones you love struggle and being judged by others which is why I want to be a mental health advocate. To help take care of myself, I enjoy journaling daily and reading web-comics! One of my favorites is 19 Days by Old Xian.




Name: Olivia Chavez

Major/Degree: Music Education

Graduated from: Moriarty High School, Moriarty, NM

A Destination for International Studies: Spain

A Cause I Care About: Fair Accommodations for Monolingual and Bilingual Students


Hi! My name is Olivia Chavez. I was born in San Diego, California and I moved to Moriarty, New Mexico when I was 10. Since then, I have been involved in various school activities such as sports, National History Day, and, most importantly, choir. My love and passion for choir have influenced me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Music Education to become a choir teacher. I am excited to share my love of music with future generations! Aside from music, I enjoy reading, physical activity, and being involved in my community. In Moriarty, my mom is an English Language Development teacher, and through her experiences, I have seen a lack of accommodations for monolingual and bilingual students. This has prevented some of my friends in her program from succeeding in the classroom. In the future, I hope to see every classroom environment designed for all students to succeed. I am so excited to be a part of the Conroy Honors Program at NMSU! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!




Name: Dominique I Gutierrez 

Degree: Aerospace Engineering 

Graduated from: Silver High School (Class of 2022) Silver City, NM

A Destination for International Studies: Europe 

A Cause I Care About: Helping the world through drones and deforestation 



I was raised in Datil, NM until I was 5 when I moved to Silver City, NM. I grew up loving school and maintained a high GPA. I joined FFA in eighth grade and was a member for 5 years. They shaped me into who I am today by encouraging me to socialize with other students and further expand my agricultural knowledge. I was also a member of my local 4-H club for 9 years. I love all mediums of art. I will try anything ranging from drawing and painting to making chainmail or forging a knife in a homemade blacksmith forge. One of my favorites is carving wood. I want to help the world through the work of drones. They are already being used to fight against deforestation by planting trees or seeds faster and easier than humans can. They are used to fight against disease in agriculture as they are used to survey livestock and plants, being able to check heat temps and so much more. I plan to work in the field of engineering drones.




Name: Lianna Hartshorn

Major/Degree: Biology

Graduated from: Arrowhead Park Medical Academy, Las Cruces, New Mexico

A Destination for International Studies: Israel

A Cause I Care About: Encouraging children to pursue their unique educational success

Being born New Mexican, I grew up in the unique culture, beautiful nature, and loving atmosphere that New Mexico has to offer. Being a Jewish-Hispanic woman has certainly brought challenges but has also given me a unique appreciation for diversity in our state! As a high school student, I was able to tutor through a non-profit organization and serve as President of my school’s chapter of HOSA – Future Health Professionals. After being named Miss Las Cruces through the Miss America Organization, I was first runner up at Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen competition. These opportunities helped me to create my own program called “Beauty in the Beast” which encourages students to read and to pursue their educational success. For my own educational future, I remain committed to becoming a medical doctor and to supporting other women and people from underrepresented groups that have often been stigmatized and discouraged from pursuing this dream. I have made it my goal to lead by example and to work alongside others to influence the next generation to pursue their educational success. I have already begun this journey but know that my work has just begun.       




Name: Jezabel Ixchel Jasso

Major/Degree: Psychology

Graduated from: Franklin High School, El Paso, Texas

A destination for International Studies: Spain

A cause I care about: Mental Health Advocacy

I’ve lived in the borderland since I was a baby and I’ve decided to stay in the area and continue my education at NMSU. I plan on graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I am passionate about psychology because I struggled with my own mental health in the past and have seen others around me struggle with it as well. I’ve seen first-hand the effects of a community underserved with mental health resources and I have set out to help and support others with their journeys. This is why I consider mental health advocacy my main priority moving forward and strive to help whoever I can. In high school, I always strived to gain knowledge from whoever and wherever I could. Outside of school, my biggest interests are listening to all kinds of music, watching movies and comedy specials, and spending quality time and making memories with my loved ones.




Name: Chianna Lopez

Major/Degree: Genetics and Biotechnology, and French

Graduated From: Public Academy for Performing Arts, Albuquerque, NM

A Destination of International Studies: France

A Cause I Care About: Mental Health Advocacy


I was born and raised in Albuquerque and am excited to start this new chapter of my life in Las Cruces at NMSU. Throughout my education, I have tried to find balance in both academic and social activities. I graduated as valedictorian, a National Honors Society member, a Thespian Troupe member, a Peer-to-Peer advocate, and a Student Council member. I hope to pay forward all the support I have received through the community service opportunities that the Conroy Honors program provides. I am very passionate about mental health advocacy, as many of my close family members have struggled with mental health throughout their lives. I hope to participate in international research to further medical practices that will raise the quality of life for those with genetic conditions. Outside of academic goals, I am passionate about travel, crochet, and music. My weekend plans typically involve me listening to music and reading. Currently, I am reading the Jenny Han series, The Summer I Turned Pretty




Name: Guinivere Mayse

Major/Degree: Museum Conservation, Art history, and International Studies

Graduated from: Logan Fay Academy of Fine Arts

A Destination for International Studies: London, United Kingdom

A Cause I Care About: Supporting LGBTQ+ Voices


I have lived in Los Lunas, New Mexico since I was born. I went to a private school until I was 14 and tried out public school when high school came around. Covid created unexpected challenges which led me to earn my associate’s degree while completing my high school diploma. In doing so, I realized my passion for art and history. This love grew when my artwork at a local gallery caught the attention of Judy Chicago’s executive director. I began working with her and became a coordinator for Wo/Manhouse 2022 where I was able to create an art exhibition on the fear women experience when leaving the house. My fascination with history and research grew from a project surrounding feminists in the past who paved the way for me to become the person I wanted to be. Combining the two, I look forward to a future where I can lead and create conservation projects for museums while working to make them more inclusive. My goal is to uncover, mend, and share voices of history that have been silenced and to help the world see that the LGBTQ+ community has always existed and will continue to be here.




Name: Rachel Metcalf

Major/Degree: Mechanical engineering

Graduated from: Mountain View High School, Loveland, Colorado

A Destination for International Studies: Costa Rica or Germany

A Cause I Care About: Getting people outside and into natural parks



I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and three months later my family moved to Colorado, where we have lived ever since. I joined Girl Scouts in kindergarten, which helped me gain confidence and leadership skills and eventually plan my three international trips, to Switzerland in 2018, to Belize in 2020, and to Italy in 2022. While in Girl Scouts I taught canoeing to other troops, which helped me build the skills to save someone’s life on the water, and I will be receiving the Girl Scout Medal of Honor. My experiences with 4-H helped spark my passion for science, specifically entomology, the study of insects. I also love to explore new cultures and see the world from different perspectives. Having gone hiking whenever I could, I’ve found that no matter which region you are in, there is a gap in knowledge about how to navigate the great outdoors safely. I want to make that information accessible and approachable so I can encourage people to get outside and explore their region’s natural areas. New Mexico has some of the most beautiful landscapes that I’ve seen, so I am super excited for the opportunity that NMSU has given me. Go Aggies!




Name: Nicole Midgett

Major/Degree: Horticulture

Graduated from: Colony High School, Wasilla, Alaska

A Destination for International Studies: England

A cause I care about: Sustainability within Agricultural Settings


I have lived in Alaska for much of my life, both near the coast and in the mountains. My passions are hockey, art, kayaking, gardening, and listening to podcasts. I love illustrating, sewing, and any other form of a creative art process. I have chosen to continue my studies at NMSU, as it has one of the top Horticultural programs in the nation! I plan to earn my bachelor’s within this field. I have always been interested in plants. My job as part of a garden crew at my local state fair made me realize that I wanted to turn this passion into a career. Seeing all the joy, wonder, and beauty that can be achieved in garden design, floral landscapes, and flower baskets made me fall in love with Horticulture. Sustainability within agricultural and horticultural professions is becoming more of a pressing issue, especially water usage and desertification. While studying at NMSU, I would like to learn practices which will help limit the impacts of plant production on the earth.




Name: Keilani Montes

Major/Degree: Animal Science

Graduated from: Silva Health Magnet, El Paso, TX

A Destination for International Studies: Australia

A Cause I Care About: Animal Rights


I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and I’m proud to call this beautiful city my home. But despite my loyalty to El Paso, I can say that I’m very excited to begin my journey towards a bachelor’s degree in animal science at NMSU! I’ve known since I was five years old that animals were going to be a big part of my future. From junior to senior year, I was a part of the vet tech program at CCTE where I interned at a veterinary clinic and became a certified veterinary assistant. My family has rescued about 30 animals - one of which was adopted by my own friend - and I hope to continue rescuing animals for the rest of my life. When I’m not hanging out with my dogs and family, I like to play games (I love SPLATOON 2 and Genshin Impact), watch video essays on YouTube, and let myself be dragged around the city by my best friends!




Name: Tiara Sibley

Major/Degree: Environmental Science and Agriculture

Graduated from: Amy Biehl Charter High School, Albuquerque, NM

A Destination for International Studies: Japan and Billund, Denmark

A Cause I Care About: Education Equity


I was born Japanese American and raised in the Land of Enchantment. Here I gained a new cultural lens and appreciation for engaging in the outdoors. One of my favorite ways to engage in the outdoors is when I am conducting environmentally focused research! I aspire to become a science researcher and work with stable isotope exploration and analysis. Starting with Environmental Science and Agriculture for my undergraduate training, my goal is to go on to earn a PhD so I can both publish professionally and share my work with students. When I am not spending time in the lab, I enjoy doing conservation work and going on hikes, backpacking, camping, and rock climbing. Alongside the environment, I am also passionate about educational equity, where I want to work to dismantle the structural and inherent racism in the education system. I hope to bring a diverse perspective to education to enhance the experiences of all students. In the meantime, I delight in amplifying student voices in presentations to NMPED and watching Gilmore Girls.





Name: Anna Stolp

Major/Degree: Engineering Physics with a Concentration in Aerospace Engineering

Graduated from: A.G. West Black Hills High School and South Puget Sound Community College, Washington  

Destination for International Studies: Ireland, Germany, or New Zealand

Causes I Care About: Climate Change and Women in STEM


I grew up in the Olympia, Washington area and found out about NMSU through a college fair. My interest in aerospace began in elementary school when I went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Most recently, I completed the Western Aerospace Scholars program. One of the most exciting aspects of the program was planning a mission to Mars and getting an invitation to the Museum of Flight’s Pathfinder Gala. Some of the events I have volunteered at have involved helping kids explore aspects of STEM. I would like to continue to encourage kids especially girls in their explorations.

My family and I have fun together taking walks and hikes through different parks. I believe this has encouraged my love for conservation efforts and my desire to help with the climate crisis. When I am not exploring the outdoors, I always enjoy a good game of Dungeons and Dragons.





Name: Molly Streich

Major/Degree: Microbiology and German

Graduated from: Clovis High School, Clovis, California

Destination for international studies: Germany or England

A cause I care about: Mental health stigma


Hi, I’m Molly! I plan to earn my bachelor’s in microbiology and then go on to earn my PhD in neurobiology or a similar field. I have always been interested in science but my passion really kicked in my junior and senior years of high school when I attended the Center for Advanced Research and Technology and took psychology and biotechnology labs. Through my experiences in this program I realized that science and research is what I wanted to do. Mental health is a cause that is close to my heart because I have known many people who have struggled with various types of mental health issues. As I have witnessed firsthand the stigma surrounding it, I have seen how it has caused people to not speak out when they are struggling. This is why I believe that mental health should be a priority. Outside of the classroom I love art, the outdoors, plants and my pets! I love to travel and look forward to spending a semester abroad. I am so excited to be a part of this program and joining NMSU!






Name: Benedek Szalai  

Major/Degree: Chemical Engineering 

Graduated from: Centennial High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico 

A Destination for international studies: Singapore or Norway

A cause I care about: Clean energy


I am proud to be a citizen of both Hungary and the United States. I grew up in both countries and am fluent in Hungarian and English with some Spanish language skills too. I am currently majoring in Chemical Engineering and plan on working in the nuclear field to develop safe and affordable energy. During my time at NMSU, I hope to learn about different cultures and see things from a new perspective. I hope that the Honors program will give me opportunities to gain insights from others and to better understand the world and my place in it. I plan on working on my studies in Singapore and/or Norway. Both of these countries have strong engineering programs, and I would also like to get to know their cultures, their language, and their history. They also play an important role in a cause I care very much about, clean energy. As global warming and pollution continue, our energy needs continue to rise. Environment friendly and low carbon energy sources are needed everywhere throughout the world. I would like to help design a safe and affordable form of nuclear energy so that electricity needs are met and carbon emissions are simultaneously reduced.





Name: Andrew Villalobos

Major/Degree: Psychology and Public Health

Graduated from: Canutillo High School, El Paso, Texas

A destination for international studies: Spain

A cause I care about: Children in poverty


I was born and raised in the city of El Paso, Texas. During high school I participated in numerous activities including Future Business Leaders of America where I was an officer and got to be hands on with my community. My experiences in school made me realize the disparities among children, sprouting my passion for teaching, advocacy, and education. All of which pushed me to major in psychology and public health in hopes to get into school psychology and provide students with an inclusive/supportive environment to maximize their full potential. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing poetry and spending time with animals. I’m super excited for my NMSU journey and cannot wait to get involved on campus and in the Las Cruces community. I feel that NMSU is not only my opportunity to learn but to be my authentic self and network with other individuals who all desire to make this world a better place.




Name: Ava Wofford

Major/Degree: Secondary English Education

Graduated from: El Diamante High School, Visalia, California

A Destination for International Studies: Germany

A Cause I Care About: Equality in education


I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and later moved overseas to Palau for two years. I now live in Visalia, California. I am a swimmer, water polo player, and California Scholarship Federation Lifetime member. I had a rocky start to my education due to my ADHD. While attending school overseas, I had a wonderful teacher who helped me work through my ADHD by treating me the same as the other students and believing in my potential. I realized that I could achieve more and started excelling academically. Upon moving to California, I began participating in competitive water sports by joining my high school water polo and swim teams. My water polo coaches instilled in me the importance of hard work and team camaraderie while still maintaining a fun environment. I hope to become a high school English teacher and water polo coach in order to positively impact my future students. At NMSU, I will strive to learn how to become an adaptable teacher and coach who can push students in the right direction the way my teachers and coaches have done for me






Name: Braxton Zink                                                                                            

Major/Degree: History

Graduated from: Ketchikan High School, Ketchikan, AK

Destination for international studies: Germany

A cause I care about: Healthy and Sustainable Tourism


I was born in Anchorage Alaska, where I stayed for six months until my family moved to Ketchikan Alaska, where I have been raised my whole life. Living on a small island in Alaska with an even smaller population has certainly shaped who I am today. I am in love with the water! I was a member of the school swim team and even lived on a boat for three years. I have a large appreciation for the environment and of nature, taking my dog out on trails and hikes whenever I get the chance. During high school, I became heavily involved in debate, being a member on the team for all four years in high school. At NMSU, I plan to work towards getting my bachelor’s in history, and eventually obtaining my master’s in education so that I may become a teacher. I am honored to be a Conroy Honors Scholar, and I hope to contribute and benefit the program, as well as NMSU, as much as it will benefit me.