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Something More    

Although the University Honors Program is an approved academic course of study with requirements that need to be completed to graduate with University Honors designation, the program requirements are only a structure to encourage students to do something more with their university education! 

By completing the prescribed honors course requirements and maintaining a minimum GPA of 3.5, students are entitled to graduate with University Honors. Students who complete the requirements and maintain a GPA of at least 3.75 graduate with Distinction in University Honors. Students who graduate in either category are awarded a medallion at a pre-commencement ceremony, which they may wear at commencement with their caps and gowns.  Both designations are permanently recorded in your transcripts.

Requirements:  A total of 18 Honors designated credits. 

Honors credits may be earned through both HNRS and H designated courses. Regular Honors course options include Gen Ed, VWW, and Departmental Honors options.  The Honors Program is designed to maximize student flexibility and also includes the opportunity to complete 6 credits of Honors Contracts in the student’s field of study. Honors credit may also be earned from education abroad and structured service experiences. Honors internship, directed research, and independent study options also ensure students can tailor their training to personal needs while building a resume of professional experience. 

To finish the Honors Program, all students must propose and complete an Honors Capstone Project.  Detailed information on earning Honors credits and procedures for multiple Honors Capstone options is available.



Graduating with an Honors Certificate

Students who do not have the flexibility to complete University Honors may still graduate with an Honors Certificate. Simply completing both, required, Viewing the Wider World classes through the Honors College will permit you to achieve this recognition; however, you can take any upper division courses (300-400 level) to complete this requirement. Don’t forget you can contract a course. Find the form below.


  • Complete 6 upper division honors credits


Honors By Contract

Non-Honors courses may count as upper level Honors courses by contracting the course.
An Honors Contract is a mechanism for adding an “honors dimension” to a course that is not listed as an honors course (HON prefix). The contract allows honors students to convert a regular non-honors course into an honors course that counts toward graduation with University Honors.

Download the Honors Contract Form ▸


Degree Tracks

These are a few tracks developed by the Honors College and Departments across the University to guide students on their path to graduate with University Honors. If your major is not listed, you can still graduate with honors by fulfilling the Honors College Requirements. More degree plans coming soon!

See the Degree Maps ▸

International Study Option

Students in the Honors College are encouraged to participate in international study. An NMSU Honors student with at least a 3.5 GPA may earn a waiver of up to 3 credit hours required for University Honors via study abroad (not including the Senior Capstone Experience Project). This waiver will be awarded for college credit earned while participating in any international study program approved by the Honors College or the Office of International Study. One honors hour will be waived for each 3 semester credit hours earned in study abroad with a grade of ‘A’, ‘B’, or ‘S’. Permission to use this option must be approved in advance by the Honors College.

Note: Waiver of university honors credit for service learning or international study does not reduce or otherwise affect the total number of credit hours required for graduation, nor can it be applied toward the Senior Capstone Requirement.

Honors Thesis or Senior Capstone

For more information on completing an Honors Thesis ▸