Annual Speaker Series

Since 1992, the University Speaker Series has hosted speakers of international acclaim on the NMSU campus.  From artist and authors to scientists and world leaders, the speakers in this series have shared important ideas to the NMSU and Las Cruces communities.  Presentations are open to the public and free of charge as a contribution to the rich cultural life of southern New Mexico.




Past Speakers
2021 B. D. Wong-Actor and Activist
2019 Janna Levin- Author and Astrophysicist
2018 Margot Lee Shetterly- Author
2016 Laurie Garrett- Pulitzer, Peabody, and Polk Prize-winning Author and Activist
2015 Sherman Alexie- Poet and Novelist
2014 Steven Pinker- Cognitive Scientist
2013 Luis Alberto Urrea- Author
2012 Jaron Lanier- Computer Scientist and Author
2011 Alma Guillermoprieto- Author
2010 Bill McKibben- Environmentalist and Author
2009 Sir Salman Rushdie- Author
2008 Dr. Michael Walton- Partners in Health
2007 Maria Hinojosa- Radio/TV Journalist and Host of “Latino USA”
2006 Vali Nasr- Middle East Specialist
2006 E.O. Wilson- Biologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning Author
2005 Ed Morales- contributor to The Village Voice and Author of “Living in Spanglish”
2005 Seymour Hersh- Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist
2004 Karen Armstrong- Historian of Religion
2004 Robert F. Kennedy- Environmental Lawyer
2003 Edward James Olmos- Actor and Social Activist
2003 Samuel Bilson and Roy Hawthorne- Navajo Code Talkers
2002 Susan Sontag, Essayist- Novelist and Critic
2002 Judy Chicago- Artist
2001 N. Scott Momaday- Novelist
2000 Oliver Sacks- Neurologist and Author of “Awakenings”
1999 Gloria Steinem- Author and Activist
1998 F.W. de Klerk- former Prime Minister of South Africa and Nobel Prize Laureate
1997 Elie Wiesel- Author, Humanitarian, and Nobel Prize Laureate
1996 Alice Walker- Novelist and Essayist
1995 Jane Goodall- Primatologist
1994 Stephen Jay Gould- Paleontologist and Author
1992 Carlos Fuentes- Mexican Novelist and Diplomat