Honors Capstones


NMSU Honors Capstone Guidelines

The Honors Capstone represents a significant academic accomplishment that caps off the student's learning and academic achievement consistent with their discipline, professional needs, and mission of the Honors College. Students are encouraged to start planning their capstone work during their Junior year.

Although there is wide variability in what can be approved for the Honors Capstone and which credits might be used, there is a general set of principles that should be followed. Honors Capstone Projects should:

  • Be a significant project beyond the work completed in a standard three credit class
  • Be proposed in advance with approval from an advisor and/or the Honors Office
  • Require work at a high level (early professional level) appropriate to the field
  • Generate an original final product that can be submitted to the Honors Office for documentation
  • Be shared with others beyond the advisor and Honors Office
  • Be a useful enterprise that elevates student achievement with preparation for next steps beyond NMSU!

The Honors college has created three separate options for students to meet the Honors Capstone requirement. Each is briefly described below with a link to additional information, formats for proposals, and guidance on how to submit materials for approval.

Capstone PROJECT

The majority of Honors Capstone Projects will be a piece of original research, scholarship, or creative project consistent with the conventions of the discipline completed under the supervision of a faculty advisor. Although the credits may be called “thesis,” this simply reflects that students are taking the lead in developing new knowledge or creative products through hands-on work in their disciplines or professional fields. There is considerable flexibility in what the work and final products can be!

Capstone Project Proposal Format


Honors 410: Capstone Internship

Students may complete their capstone requirement through the HNRS 410 internship class. In HRNS 410, students will work to create an original project that addresses a question or need relevant to the student’s site placement and their professional development.

Students interested in enrolling in HNRS 410 must have completed the Online Orientation to Practicum.

Honors Practicum Experiences



Students that are required to complete a capstone project or internship in their major field of study may choose to propose a substitution for this Honors Capstone requirement as long as the extra requirements for the Honors capstone are also met (proposal in advance, special project, etc.). Capstone projects will still require some form of proposal in advance along with a final report and presentation. Capstone internships/practicum will still require the addition of an original project.

Capstone Substitution Proposal