Capstone Substitution Proposal

The capstone substitution option is only designed for students that already have a credit-bearing capstone requirement in their major or academic program. Similar to the process for proposing an Honors Contract for a regular class, students are encouraged to work with the instructor of their departmental capstone class in advance to design some form of an additional activity that extends the standard work in ways that are consistent with the Honors Capstone principles.

For a Capstone Project, including an additional piece of supplemental work or preparing a different kind of final report or presentation may be easy enough to embed in the proposed project without adding extensive time demands.

For a Capstone Internship, the addition of an original project to complete beyond the assigned duties will be very similar to the expectation of the Honors Internship class. This small special project should be useful to the student, placement, or advisor, and result in some form of report and presentation to be shared.

The SUBSTITUTION PROPOSAL FORM at the link below requires students to identify:

  • the departmental class to be used
  • the advisor/instructor for the class
  • the proposed special work to be completed to earn Honors credit

When students have a proposed plan approved with their capstone instructor, they may use this form to submit their proposal to the Honors Office to allow for a final review and substitution approval to be added to their Honors audit.

Details for the proposed special project (e.g., what activities, documentation, and/or final product) will be uploaded as a separate document at the end of the form.

Capstone Substitution Form