President’s Associates Excellence Leader Scholar Program

(for NM Residents Only)

The PAE Leader Scholar Program is one of NMSU’s two premier scholarship programs and is designed as a partnership between the Conroy Honors College, the NMSU Foundation, and the Office of the President. In addition to extra funding beyond other academic merit scholarships, this program is designed to transform students’ lives by supporting their academic achievement while helping them to become stronger leaders better prepared to change New Mexico and the world for good. If this sounds like the kind of student you are and want to become, please do check your eligibility and complete the application on time!


Prospective PAE Leader Scholar Program Applicants.

Additional details on this premier NMSU scholarship program can be found at the link below.

The deadline is December 1 so please act quickly to prepare materials for your Scholar Dollar$ application. 

PAE Leader Scholar Information


Remember that even if you are not selected for this competitive award, you should already be receiving a high academic merit scholarship and the Honors College is ready to help you do great things for both your academic and leadership development!