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William Conroy Honors College

"Where Excellence Meets Opportunity"

Our Goal: Motivate students to reach their full potential.


The William Conroy Honors College offers multiple pathways for students to succeed in their academic career. We seek to create a community of scholars and mentors that fosters personal growth, critical thinking, leadership, independence, curiosity, and social responsibility. 


Conroy Scholars

Prospective students have the opportunity to apply to become Conroy Scholars. 

These students are expected to serve as leaders and models for what the life of a fully-engaged, academic all-star, student can be at New Mexico State University. In addition to excellence in the classroom while completing the University Honors Program, Conroy Honors Scholars will also reflect Honors values as they:

  • Work with faculty mentors on the research, scholarship, and creative work of the University
  • Seek leadership opportunities in both the campus community and their professional fields
  • Model social responsibility with service and advocacy for a cause that matters
  • Develop intercultural competence, appreciation for diversity, and their capacities as global citizens

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Crimson Scholars

The Crimson Scholars Program at NMSU is a recognition and enrichment program for students of exceptional academic achievement. Designation as a Crimson Scholar places you among NMSU’s top students and entitles you to a number of valuable privileges.

Some of the privileges include: 

  • You become automatically eligible for all Honors classes.
  • Early Registration allows you to have the first choice of classes.

You do not need to apply to be a Crimson Scholar. At the beginning of each semester that you qualify as a Crimson Scholar, you will receive an email message confirming your status.

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University Honors Program 

There is no application to become part of the Honors program! The only condition is that you must be a Crimson Scholar. Honors students are informed about volunteer and scholarship opportunities, special classes, and advising time slots.

You are not REQUIRED to complete the Honors program -- but declaring that you want to be an Honors student allows us the opportunity to support you more fully! 

Students who complete the requirements and maintain a GPA of at least 3.75 graduate with Distinction in University Honors. Students who graduate in either category are awarded a medallion at a pre-commencement ceremony, which they may wear at commencement with their caps and gowns. Both designations are permanently recorded in your transcripts.

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