Honors Capstone Internship: Honors 410

Faculty: Dr. Rebecca Campbell


Students in Honors 410: Internship Capstone, will need to have an internship placement before enrolling. Students should work with faculty in their Major or Minor to help them find an internship in their discipline. Students will work at the internship site and complete a Capstone Project approved by their Internship Site Mentor and the Honors College.

Internship hours are based on the number of credits the student is enrolled in for HNRS 410 as follows:

# of Credits Enrolled in HNRS 410 Total Hours *Hours per week in 15 week semester *Hours per week in 10 week summer session
1 42.50 ~2.83 hours/week ~8 hours/week
2 85.00 ~5.67 hours/week ~16.5 hours/week
3 127.50 ~8.50 hours/week ~25 hours/week
4 170.00 ~11.33 hours/week ~33 hours/week
5 212.50 ~14.17 hours/week ~42 hours/week
6 255.00 ~17.00 hours/week ~50 hours/week


*Actual hours per week will be contractually negotiated between the student and faculty to account for Finals Week, special events and other activities.

Students in HNRS 410 will be provided the specific instructions for the Capstone Project that semester. Click here to download Capstone Internship Project Requirements from previous semesters.

Capstone Internship Application